America the Great

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, for one nation which says that all humans are equal, that we, the American citizens, are protected under rights given to us while the homeless starve to death in alleys and crimes are committed against innocent people, forgotten. Now, I’m not saying that America is the worst country, far from it. We’re just new, that’s all. These other countries have been around much longer than us, so obviously they have more experience than us, right? Wrong. It is our country which has kept around these old, archaic systems which deny new ways of life, of thinking. And yes, I am a white male, so all of this coming from me may seem like a stretch, but in reality, I grew up in that system, where I was taught to look down on those who had less, those who were deemed different. But when I was there, at the bottom looking up towards where I was placed to be, I realized that America needed an intervention, it just needs to rethink. To help those who helped to protect us from harm, to help the little man, to be one for all, not just for the one.


This poem is about: 
My country



The land of the free because of the brave           A great place filled with opportunity                The American dream needs to be savedWe all must contribute in unity The lack of hard work, I can not comprehendThe money of taxpayers gone againReliance on the government must endIf the one percent were gone what would we do then? We work hard, make something out of nothingCreate a bright future for ourselvesShare this dream, no matter left or right wingedSee children pave a successful path for themselves Trump will bring this country back with his penLive up to his promise and make America great again

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