Gravity, My Prison

Gravity, Gravity,

Is there something you aren’t telling me?

Constantly pulling me in,

Never pushing me out to go farther than I’ve ever been, 

But instead drawing me closer for eternity. 

Gravity, Gravity, 

Why do you keep me grounded?

I know I belong in the cosmos, soaring in a seas of stars, 

But instead I’m here, where it’s safe and nothing’s too hard.

Gravity, Gravity, 

Why am I tethered to thee, 

Or is it you tethered upon me? 

I don’t know, but I can feel the dulling of my wings.

The cracking of my bone,

The decaying of my brain, 

The numbing of my hearts. 

Gravity, ‘O Gravity,

Release me of your grip, 

So I may experience the kiss of the sun, 

The gentle hugs from the winds.

So that I may be free, to leave this unsightly imprisonment,

And fly into the universe free in consciousness  and unshackled from doubt.


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