Ode To Poetry

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 12:43 -- ATWSI

Speaking a whole new language

Desperately telling stories

Creating your own flow, and

I almost forget

That this is my passion.

A nation of letters

Giving you a deep feeling


A knot of fire

Inside your chest,

To never die.

Keep your poems long;

Like the roughest nights

And my bones will clank at the slightest


Reminiscing when the words came so easy

When I used to write on an actual sheet



An underlying


In these words, not worth preaching.

Get lost

in the space of this page

Get lost

In the intimacy of these blended


Leaky words seep out of my broken heart

Unbraiding my brains braid

For some melancholy words to say.

You know I won’t feel guilty

When I yank you around with these,

Light house metaphors

Leading you to shore

The meaning behind this poem

Want these words to come ALIVE
But they have died long before they had

Been written.

Something gifted in all writing but mine

And I testify!
That I could never write


I can’t love because of me

I can’t even love my own



This poem is about: 
My community


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