woody nightshade

Life is touched in gold, and bathed in silver Touched in nirvana, bathed in desperation, by affliction, by mysterysome pain, never promised gainBathed in the blackness of the loud, engraved in the brightness of the nightsculpted in the shadows of the trees.Touched by the heavens nakedness, touched in silence, bathed in voicelessness  Empty repetition voiced by the voices that voice the opinions of the opinionated, Silly stories spread stridently, silly stories spread silently but insightful is the blind, that then lead the seeing for the seeing have no sightWhat if seeing is blindness and blindness is true sight For the blind 20/20 is their ability of seeingseeing truth, seeing light, seeing understanding, seeing might .  bounded like a clown, In search of something unable to be foundA smile painted for the world and for the mirror, a shaking frownwords of perseverance left weightless, in an era of hate unless every syllable is said, and all the words like the people that tried...bledBled of hope, of revolution, and successBled of struggles, left with advices to be unsaidFor there is no guide on how life is to be approached   Oh, fools are we, oh fools are theyWhen normal is a standard to measure the unmeasurable A system that wobbles and is as unsteady as optical illusionsBut silences is required for us to be able to understand these transactionsTransactions of trial and error, misunderstood and hopeful  Touched in power bathed in weaknessTouched in hope, bathed in Agony, by gloom , by fear Maybe some joy, never any freedomFree will wrapped in temptation. Freedom stuffed with limitation Shimmering shrine of crimes and sad poems written in lines Lines of terror, lines of griefLife is touched in gold, and bathed in silver    By // Ivana Kpessou                           

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