I am a flower of movement


I am a seed

I am planted and nurtured, carefully tended as I grow, there is no knowledge of what I will become, a beginning awaiting

I am a flower

Yellow and bright, I bring joy as I begin to flourish and attract the attention I desire from the honeybees and the attention that is detrimental from the mites that threaten me. They ask only to consume regardless of the destruction, with holes in my body I carry on

I am a dandelion

I grow and spread, my bright light begins to diminish as I release my calyx into the air like ideas but they are poisoned and threatened by the world, crushed by ignorance,

insight is not wanted here, replaced by the lovely but sessile rose in favor of her beauty

I am a weed

I am crushed underfoot, my worth bent down to nothing but the grassy remains of my dying stem.

I am detritus.

Muddy and brown, I am swept into the depths of the grass where I cannot be seen, I am consumed by mushrooms and my energy becomes refocused

I am fungi

Resilient and strong, with one head cleaved, my roots keep me living. I heave through the sidewalk cracks of life, refusing to be crushed by the weight of ignorance.

I am spores in the air

I spread my thoughts, my ideas, I wish to educate the world on what they refuse to acknowledge, I intend to show my worth, to show that the smallest of beings can be invaluable, that each life matters.

I am treated as a contaminate

To live your life feeling as unwanted as a germ, swept into the gutters and covered and hidden.

I am regrowth

From the earth where I am buried I sprout, resilient and strong, once again the bright yellow flower of the dandelion, this time, though, I have learned and I am ready to begin anew, in a new yard with new inhabitants I will spread once more

In a world where stopping to smell the roses is the only virtue, I strive to make the dandelions blossom.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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This poem for me was about my life and growing and changing, how I've grown as a person and increased my views on social problems and in turn had to overcome the judgement that was often recieved as a woman who is often looked down upon because of societies views on things like feminism or overcoming racism. Having to deal with being doubted and having my life choices picked at and judged by the world at each turn this poem is about becoming who I am despite people wishing I were someone else. In a society where looks and beauty is highly valued over things like intelligence and actually caring about social issues, where "feminist" becomes a curse word and racism becomes something normal, the fight to overcome such stereotypes and fight against the social injustices that become so common that they're ignored, I've really bloomed and found myself. 

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