I Am

I Am

Not the person I wanted to be as a younger child

Because I envisioned my future self to be happy

And I am anything but

Because my future self was suppose to be an angel sent from above

But I wouldn’t mind a dance with the devil

Because my future self was going to be the greatest hero who had ever lived

And I am a villain, fear me, for my thoughts are dangerous

I Am

The reason they name hurricanes after people

Destruction at its finest

My mind was created from a graveyard of stars and my bones are constellations

Connect the stars and you’ll see a paradox

A final thought before the pull of the trigger

Except guns are for business

And this is personal

I Am

Going to keep playing the game even after “Check Mate”

I do not stop when others have reached success

Their success does not define me

And the moment I do stop

I cease to exist

And I refuse to be a distant memory

When I was born to be so much more

I Am






I Am

Out of time and out of options

I can feel the weight of world on my chest

Crushing my ribs which hold back my heart

Be free my immortal drum

    I Am

On the brink of extinction

But watch me live


Watch me survive

Because my younger self wanted to be happy

And I will make that happen

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