Home Sweet Home

Nothing more what elese to say? 

Have our days been counted?

What to do but pray?

I live a life of oppresion 

And being brown is my obsession

But how has my color helped me? 

I want nothing more than to be free 

Free from the hate and from the ignorance

but do we really have much of a difference? 

I wanted to be like the normal boys at school 

but then i realized that working in the fields isn't very cool 

No its not cool the heat is strong and unforgiving 

But my parents continue to live the life they are living 

to give me a better life to see me succeed

The land of oppurtunity the land of the free 

but dont forget the brave. They deserve respect too 

just like me and you 

But its hard to respect a government that makes our mother earth into swiss cheese

Black gold is what they call it

but i can't deny that we are in deire need of it 

But God forbid protests on sacred land

It's unamerican just get over it why can't you understand. 

But i understand clearly unlike those kids in Syria 

Gas covers those streets, can we allow them in? No they dont meet the Critieria 

Lets help them out with bombs and guns 

So that those kids can go back to have some fun 

But what about our kids in Flint 

Their water still unsafe but lets take a hint

59 tomohawk missiles straight from sky 

$1.41 million a pieces someone is bound to die 

But lets not forget our brothers stained in blood 

funerals with tombstones covered in flower buds 

some of them with dreams a future with no prediction 

but they all have one thing in common No Conviction 

I love this country that has given me so much 

a school, a home, a job, and such 

but so one sided this place can be 

I still feel unsafe of what will happen to me

Oh how i love this coutnry, how i love it with glee 

even when this coutnry may sometimes not love me. 






This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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