The Purpose of Living - inspired by Robert Frost and S.E. Hinton


The Purpose of Living

Nature’s first green is gold. 

New Dawn, it’s bright, it’s beautiful

You’re gold when you’re a kid. 

Everything is new.

You see life through a magic mirror.

You see the world as it should be. Not how it is


But then you learn

And the gold slips away. 

A child’s gold is their innocence, their hope

Hope for accomplishment

Hope to make an impact

Society taints their gold like rust taints the water

Now, we hope to fit in with our peers

Now we hope to fit inside the box society had built for us

But uniformity is a cage 

Because I’m a boy my poems aren’t effective.

Because I’m a girl I can’t speak from male perspective

So break the box


Despite the fear of being alone

Despite the fear of the unknown

Despite the loss of friends and loved ones

Despite a world full of villains with guns

You CAN find your purpose

But you have to look

But you have to search

Down an uncharted road

In an abandoned old church

You WILL find your purpose


All over the world

There is hopelessness



And poverty

The devastating stench of failure. 

The bitter taste of betrayal

And death


The cold grip of death

The pain that rips out your insides and cuts away your flesh

The pain that pushes you back inside of your box

It’s often those who search the hardest that are touched by death before they even find their reason to live

What IS the purpose of living if we all die in the end?!


Gold IS the hardest hue to hold


But hold on

For there are still heros

For there is still beauty

Beauty is a sunset

If you don’t care enough to seek it out you will never find it


I THOUGHT I knew my purpose. 

I ALWAYS knew my purpose. 

My purpose was to teach

My purpose was to write

But beauty inspired ME to write instead

Because I found beauty in the hearts of the worthless

Because I found beauty in my love for literature

When your purpose is near you can hear it calling to you

The Outsiders was meant to be written. I was simply chosen to write it

Poetry is emotion finding it’s thought, and that thought finding words

We found our purposes

Through Hardship

Through struggle

We crawled out of the rubble and into the light of life





Only through these will you find your purpose

Yes people will doubt you

Yes maybe you’ll fail

Your life didn’t start gold

It was greenish and pale

But by learning you grew

And by searching you saw

Your gold was out there. Waiting.

2 roads diverged in a road and I.

We took the road less traveled by 

And that has made all the difference.

You aren’t weak

You aren’t worthless

And no matter what you DO have a purpose

So find it

So make it happen

That. That. Is the purpose of living.


This poem is about: 
Our world



It is a two voice poem. 

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