Ballad of Insomnia

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 13:05 -- AJay

The room is a cold as her tears

Her body is adorned in a veil of dark roses

In her hands, margaritas dust her with pollen

She looks pretty, I suppose


We take our seats and Beethoven begins

A minor and whiskey stains his flesh

He plays on and on without a word

I wonder if she'd care if I left


I stand to leave but her pain washes over me

The pollen pulls me to my knees

The dark roses enclose my neck

Suddenly, it's hard to breathe


Ludwig plays faster, permeating my ears

Coughing, coughing up blood, I can't scream

The plants continue their assault

Like the kids who crushed my self esteem


Suddenly, Ludwig is standing over me

He drags me slowly to my coffin

I begin to scream louder and louder

The pews are occupied by skeletons


The music, music assaults my ears

And Ludwig throws me into the casket

My lungs erupt with sound

The class looks at me as though I'd blown a gasket


My teacher doesn't waste two seconds on me

She just grunts and turns her head

Even though the nightmare quickly escapes me

I swear to myself I'm going to go to bed

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