khelsei: prounouced kelsey, a seven

Mon, 10/19/2015 - 20:40 -- khelsei

khelsei: prounouced kelsey, a seven letter name defining a black girl with an opinion,

desbribes a young woman with brown eyes, thick legs, full lips, and quick hips,

with a crown upon her head and weight upon her shoulders, she is a rare being, a star-gazer, a


in her natural habitat she reads, in the dark she raises a fist in soldarity for those lost, in the

light she lives passionately, yearning for rebellion, fighting for adventure, she strives to break

down dimensions, kick holes in time, punch through space, break down galaxies, she is strong,

she is beautiful,

but her beauty does not define her, it is the way she walks, head high, shoulders back, lips

agape, taking in  the warmth, her courage, the way she pushes her glasses up with one finger,

perhaps it's the way she breathes out of her mouth and not through her nose, or the way she

talks, with a lisp, with confidence, always with a laugh but always serious, but quite possibly it's

the miniscule things that you can't define, the things about her that you can't quite put a finger on,

the extra skin on her hips, the way her back rolls up into her spine, the way her brain connects too

much to her heart, the way she feels when a song that makes her feel comes on, when she is

passionate, her heart swells up with the tide, into the sun, and becomes light, the way it expands,

and explodes into sunshine, those are the things about her that you can't define, it is not

something you can find on page 445 in  Webster's between the words khan and kibbutz,


they define something greater, 

they define me.

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This is SO powerful. This is real beauty. Thank you so much for posting this. 



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