A Hug A Day

A new born baby

Sheds so many tears

Until his mother hugs him

To take away his fears


A toddler now in pre-school

Sheds ten tears a day

Stubs his foot sometimes

His mother hugs him

To take the pain away


A child now in elementary school

Longs for friends to play

Sheds little tears 

His mother hugs him 

And tells him lets build with clay 


A teen now in high school

Sheds no tears a day

His mother hugs him

And sends him off to college

To go away


An adult now 

Sheds many tears a day

Hugs his dog in grief

For his mother who's gone away 


A married man now

Sheds no tears a day

Takes his daughter to the park to play

He hugs her everyday


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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