Love is More

Love is not just a noun or a verb. It is an action, a feeling. 

Love is liking a person so much so much you can barely breathe, when your're around them time just stops and all the earth and sky holds its breath in anticipation, then with a resounding noise it breaks forth into celebration, trumpeting to all the world that you are loved. 

Love is not an object you can hold, but more like a mist that surrounds you and when you are completely encompassed you have no choice but to surrender your all to it, holding onto it with the faith of a little child.  

Love is the star you wish upon at night, the insurmountable joy of a child in your arms. 

Love is the light that shines for you when you have lost your way in the dark woods, wandering down a foreboding and winding path with no hope of finding home. 

Love is the twinkle in the eyes of a proud father, the crease of worry on a mother's forehead, and the smile on a sister's shining face. 

Love is the source of fairy magic, and the root of all the beautiful siren's songs. 

Love is pain, Love is the hardships we endure, and sometimes Love is lost. 

But more often than not, Love is the teasing smile playing on the lips of the person you just yelled at, Love is the deep breath after a child's long cry, and Love is the rainbow of colors breaking through a grey storm. 

It is unbreakable, unchangeable, and unforgettable. 

Love is such a part of our everyday lives we wouldn't be sure what to do without it. 

Love is blemished, beautiful, mysterious and familiar all at the same time. 

Love is just what it is: Love. 

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