An Outsider and Six Minutes

Two years ago.

Two years ago, I was giggling and laughing with my friends on Valentines Day,

Sharing chocolate




That evening, two years ago,

Tears fall from my eyes

The glee I had just a few hours ago



Simply gone.


While I spent my day covered with light

Parkland was covered in the dark,

They were shrouded in terror

In fear

With thier shaking hands, tearful texts of goodbyes

They suffered the most agonizing



Absoulutley horrible



Six minutes.


Six minutes that killed seventeen people

Fourteen students, three teachers.

Six minutes that destroyed thier purity, innocence, life,

Leaving them broken over a tradegy that never should have happened.


I am the outsider.

I was never there.

I never felt the torture of six minutes.


But still, I cried.

I couldn't sleep.

Seventeen dead.





S E V E N T E E N  D E A D.




And Uncle Sam doesn't do anything about it.

No student or teacher should go to school



Thinking it could be the last day of thier lives.

No ones lives should be leveraged.

Kids shouldn't die by an AR-15.


Better gun laws

So we can live.


Better gun laws

So we won't be scared.


Better gun laws 

So we can be safe.


Better gun laws 

So no one will get hurt again.


Never again.



Yes, I wasn't there.

Yes, I can't imagine thier pain.


But it still hurt.


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