Humpty Dumpty Soars Towards Greatness


United States

*Greatness, a nine letter word that hold such overwhelming value.

*Nine o'clock, fear enters the heart of a tender soul.

*An individual of Humpty beginnings who would rather not be so bold.

*A situation of a stalemate embraces the young.

*Two choices only remain as such.

*Shall he jump towards the pillar of debilitating concrete in which will surely succumb own his greatness?

*Or shall he, he who has the power to change his own destiny, rise above towards the heavens of opportunity?

*One leads to unfamiliarity but great success, while the other leads down to  familiarity but great failure.

*The Humpty within him bleeds in contest to maintain his fictional diagram.

*However, his burning passion leads him to rue all of such tales of saddened embarrassment. 

*Sharp claws of negativity then begins to rip his mind apart, thought by thought.

*Mental torture then slowly ravages all of his pursuits of greater living.

*Dark clouds of hopelessness then appears, and the threat of mediocrity looms.

*The outer shell cracks while the Humpty Dumpty cliché consumes all actions.

*One foot steps forward as another follows suit.

*A ledge approaches soon, oh how the mighty Humpty Dumpty might fall!

*Swift light and positivity then embraces the young's body.

*Steps are then taken back, and angelic wings are grown laterally.

*Belief in one's own potential then prompts the young one to soar.

*Only greatness beseeched his eyes, and he, who controlled his destiny, will be Humpty Dumpty no more!

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