You carried me with you

You carried me with you for nine months whole 


And when I was born your heart I stole 


You fell in love with me at first sight 


You promised to care for me and raise me right


Yor protected me and and told me to just be myself 


Being the proud mother that you were 


A number one daughter sign always hung from your shelf 


And through all the tears that fell from my eyes 


To all the attitudes, the drama and the lies


You still loved me and cared for me so, 


I started to get attatched and I refused to let you go


My love for you runs so deep I can't even put it into words


Its as deep as the depths of the ocean and flys ten times higher than the birds 


It is my mom I can't live without, You make me feel happy,wanted and loved too


That is why there is no one I would rather be stuck on an island with than you. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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