What We Have Become

We were taught to love, not to hate.

To feel and love willingly,

And set aside the gender or race of our people.

Yet, we judge based on what we see.

Does our appearance determine who we are?

Does it matter that some are skinny and others are fat?

We´re all human being, we´re far from perfect

The hate in their hearts is deep within,

that they criticize unknowingly.

Majority of us are about looks and our desire for surgery.

Others tell ´em proud and load just who they are!

Some don´t have a voice to tell their story.

Color is now a thing of territory,

Wear red, get shot, wear blue, get shot.

Brutality is happening right this second,

Countries going to war displayed on TVs.

Clinton, Trump, Clinton, Trump,

Who to choose?

They´re both gonna ruin us either way.

With all this chaos,

No wonder the world is in pain!

People are going insane!

We were taught to love, not to hate...





This poem is about: 
Our world


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