P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavior In School)

Teacher told me I'm worthless, then I believed her
I was in AVID, but really I wasn't eager
To be the student, so studious with his features 
Dropping out like loose change cause I don't need her

Principal told me I'm worthless, and I accept it
My GPA is outrageous, so I'm neglected 
Not as athletic as Nike, but you can check it
Forget behavior, don't care if my future's affected 

Father had told me I'm worthless, and I agree
He never told me directly, as you can see 
18 years, we've been playing this hide and seek 
Now I'm only seeking the money I get this week

System tells I'm worthless, and I abide
I might be living life, but really I'm not alive
Positive support is the only way that I thrive 
Because negative vibes will lead me to my demise 

If you treat me like crummy bums, I don't sit with you
You taking shots using tongues as guns I don't sit with you
I'm only walking with love that's unconditional
I keep it real like my middle name is nonfictional

I keep it real as I'm reeling in mass appeal 
From the masses of masked reveals who have mastered the Jack and Jill
Tumbling down the hill but as long as we stay persistent 
Our feet are steady moving; us rulers will go the distance

Started as a pronoun, woe is my old existence 
Turned into a profound pro that's so proficient
Disregarding disrespect; I'm disgusted with that edition 
Building up humanity, I'll just make it my mission 

People told me I'm worthless, now I ignore it
Used to pay attention, but now I can't afford it
Negative comments: we're not designed to absorb it
Support your fellow man, 'cause that's what's really important

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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