The improper solution to life's main equation

You ready

I'm ready

You ready

I'm ready 



I'm Mr.Freeze because I'm in an icebox

I freeze up on stage I'll die of shock

Flow changes up because I'm getting writer’s block

Not part of the fairy tales but I know 3 bears with Goldie locks


I might sound goofy

And I look like a clown

I'm just having a bad hair day

So I'll see you in town


Or in court

So we can play tennis

Or we can practice Italian

And retreat back to Venice


The new uprising is set to begin

Bloods and crips turn from blue and red to Violet and crimson

And the “gangs” want to commit crimes son

So don't choose a side because the war has begun


There's a little anagram for you which

You can  cut

Snip change or switch

Interpret any way you want

But my comic sans is your Times New Roman 12 Bold new Font


Everyone wants to change the past

But I must present you with something as fast

And tangible which is the future

That you can change now

Let me show you how


You take the math you learned from school

Add up that 1+1 is two

And you pair them to get some shoes

Gotta run towards opportunity and if you do

People say you didn't walk or run… you flew


The greedy envious but are the tremendous

And turn Morpheus 

Into the bum drinking, 4 40’s under the bus

And it's a must

To succeed you have to be ready for a bust


Not your kind of style

You must be feral because that is wild

being a cheetah and always lion

To yourself

Now you are left in the dust 

And hungry on the bottom shelf


You can plant the flowers and smell them

Sell them around and make a profit and tell them

Make your business get some oil and shell them

But if you don't do anything you get nothing

Oh well them


Simple principle

Won't make work invisible

Cloaks make you impermeable

But you'll be divisible 

From life's main equation


Depend on your force

Tap on the table and start talking morse

Because from here you're sounding a little horse

Your ideas and effort aren't loud enough from here

Now start your fortune and get ready for your career


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Our world


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