A Mental Glow Up

Fri, 06/21/2019 - 20:11 -- AkilahC

A lucid brisk wind overcame me as I waited on the curb of what

seemed to be a florid hospital to me at the time.

As my sister was loaded into the wheelchair days after brain surgery ,

my mother and I rolled her to the car and transferred her from wheelchair

to the passenger’s seat.

That day we got home and my mother was making dinner,

she told me I would have to aid in the care of my older sister until she recovers.

Hastening up and down the stairs, delivering food, adjusting pillows - was

tiresome to a young eight year old. And I was annoyed.

Maybe it wasn’t so much that I had to care for my older sister that bothered me,

but more so that it was my birthday and I had not one gift.

But that emblematic night. My mom took me to Toys R Us and that

coveted doll before my eyes was now mine .


This is when I realized that remaining in a childish mindset only 

hurt those around me, especially the single mother who sacrificed so much.

The mother who made a young girl happy while caring for her other

daughter who was in and out of the hospital.

This poem is about: 
My family


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