I See You

Dear Future,

Love, to me, was the boy obsessed with the color green. Or maybe is was a Harry Potter superfan. It was the boy who made me crowns of smoke, followed by a kiss. It was someone who left me like a boy the first time but a man the second. Love was scrawny; at times love was strong. Love was a late facetime call. Still is. I like to fall asleep listening to someone's breath. Reminds me that I won't be waking up alone.


Dear College,

I fear the thought of never walking these halls again. I found peace in some of these classes with some of these people that I rather sit here than alone at home. I fear the clothes from freshman year that I find in my closet. Reminds me, that amongst the short shorts, there's skeletons hiding in there too.


Dear English 10,

I read a book of a girl who wrote letters to things in her life in a way to cope with tragedy. My voice tends to tremble over quiet classrooms. I make myself small in order to view things from a different perspective and im a sucker for words on a paper. I tend to write things to myself so often that I forget to write to the things that give me life. So I start here.


Dear wallflowers, dear people who probably sing in the shower, dear cheaters, church preachers, and those who sit on the bleachers watching all the thrillseekers. I see you. Dear teen mothers, people with parents who don't even bother, and future cupids who watch people fall in love with each other. I see you. Dear hand tremblers, speech and debate members. Dear highschool jocks, people who like to spend money on fuzzy socks, and the girl with long locks that cover half her face. Dear last page yearbook pictures and the boys with only sisters. I see you.

Im considered to have a staring problem. Maybe its because I look for affirmation in the faces of others. I spend half my time falling in love and the other half wondering if they did too. My hope for you, is that you never feel unnoticed. School is hard, I know this. But I hope you find someone worth writing a letter to and I hope you find galaxies in the people you meet. I hope you get the courage to talk to them, unlike me, because I swore to myself that I would talk to you today. But today turned into tomorrow and tomorrow turned into the next day and I hope you never live your life like an endless tomorrow.


This poem is about: 
My community


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