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Upon the place fate set aside,  there will be no forget-me-nots. There will be no roses adored in gold, nor any violets or honeysuckle. Cursed is this fate, holding onto the limbs of destiny.
I think when the earth was young a meteor from somewhere in the cosmos crash landed on the surface, exploding for miles and miles, And ever since then the pieces have been traveling through water and air over land and sea, or through anything that
Only 21:00 Dressed to kill, we arrive shots clink under a disco ball I sparkle, silhouette sublime   Only 22:00 Too early in the night to give up The club is empty of good talk
We occasionally fall in love with the right person With the perfect, the immaculate or the wrong one We’re naturally numb When we fall in love
New births each day  beneath the oceans Gracious feast and luxurious moments.   Spicy existences 
Brain before body Response to stimulus   Required for life Required for happiness   If not made by you It will be made for you
If not from you first It doesn’t matter   Your perception Be careful with your definition   Vital part of life
Forth then back Teeter then totter   Deflected off Not quite straight back   Creation lives here Or so says the universe  
It feels different Makes you want to question   Don't resist Pay attention   Power lives in the changes
The world turns The sun rises Morning breaks as you realize It’s time for movement It’s time for change   The world turns
Dark and long goes the road Middle line stretches straight as if never ending   Lights only show so far But the line streams out straight into the black  
It based on results it won’t last Failure is coming and shatters perfection   Have you walked the path? Have you put in the work?  
Our fleeting view of reality Check points ensure accuracy   Balance your views  Mesh with humanity   Pursue beauty and truth
How do you love someone Someone you know at their core   The ins and outs, good and bad You know every thought and desire   You stand in judgement
Panic rages Anxiety attacks Fear abounds    How to make it stop Weather it? Fight it?   Breeding ground for inaction
It is not words It's not only thoughts Less talking required Internal rooting necessary Drive your legs down Let your feet firmly plant
Future   The future’s power Unlimited in nature Where creativity lives To shape the present   Past
i awoke and pondered how the day would unfold then i paced and wondered what each minute would hold 'til the seconds unfurled and the clock hands whirled and the smirking moon curled, the night sighed, stars twirled
 My emotions are paralysed by fear,I am so scared that no one will hear.So stuffed in a bottle and thrown in the sea,bobbing up and down in the centre of me. Armed with a smile to mask over my cries,I must admit it’s a brilliant disguise.You would
I know that this sounds crazy, but I just can't seem to let it go. Everyone around me keeps telling me to stop hanging on, and to just go with the flow.
"YOU COULD DO BETTER EXPLORE MORE" You know you can do better. Explore more! You are limitless, unstoppable and unlimited.
I was misguided.Interpreting all of my feelings wrong I don't want to travel I want to see world,In one person.And have them want me back, forever
So For Whom Will The BELL REALLY TOLL … ?!? Online TROLLS Whose Comments Go Up Peoples' Nose …. !?!
A leap of faith The choice is never easy  And the leap never the same  Always clouded with doubt The end is never certain    A leap of faith 
For the lost souls and the misguided in life  Let me shelter you from strife Let me shepherd you to new light  Take up your own path and leave me 
She was the most beautiful thing in the room  He gazed upon her radiance in awe of her, Her eyes soon met his and he was engulfed by her warmth  For in her eyes he saw galaxies 
I started this job ready to focus on my work and not fall in love with someone that I have to see everyday, But it didn't take long for me to get excited to see you daily, and sturggle to find the right words to say.
DREAM RHYME   Thinking of her Out of the blue Wondering where she is What she's about to do ....   I stop my work drop my pen My mind wanders to a time when ....
MY NATURAL HIGH   She's my natural high My red carpet ride To another world Alone with me ....   The wind       that ruffles her hair And the rain
It had to be fate, Running into you again. I'd thought I was too late, But there you were, God-sent. That hug, you're warm embrace, Suggested more than friends. Everything is falling into place,
NIGHT WALK   I want to walk with you at night.  Where you walk alone in the morning light.  When the rising sun pushes away the moon. Where you walk six hours before noon ....   
LIKE A SUMMER BREEZE   Walking with a cane You came into my lane. Jumbled my ways My nights became days.   I’ve felt this breeze before I thought. For sure! 
MR. WOO   You flew your heart true In the sky aboveWith your last love. Mr. Woo ....   
REAR VIEW I think of my past. Because you are here at last. It becomes clearerIn life’s rear view mirror ....  
OUT OF TOUCH    You're feeling bad  Out of touch .... aren't you girl?  Life has taken you on a whirl Don't let it steal your joy You're not in anyone's employ....  
sometimes the sign you have been looking for is bright and fluourescent  invading the stormy blue sky sometimes its just a whisper in your ear soft and subtle like the brush of a butterfly wing
YOU SAY   You say ... only time will tell.  I say ... I want to hear your heart's bell.  I don’t need you.   But my heart wants to.   My soul does not need you. 
BONNIE and CLYDE   The clock passed the covid curfew And I'm still with you. On stolen time  Trying to see new love rhyme.  We are Bonnie and Clyde Lovers on the hide.
yesterday i stole time i snuck in while destiny was asleep and hid the seasons away i don't want to worry that there will never be enough of it to spend with you
ON A SWING   In the morning when the sun clicks on       and she gives a sighAt the last evening star dancing       in the pale blue skyThat's when I dream Of her and me On a swing.... 
LADY DAY   Let’s give all      to this flower of ours....We’ve been alive without love      for too many hours....With others      but always alone....With some sun 
VULNERABILITY    It’s a marvelous sight  to open the curtain and give the stage to vulnerability  with her sweet rage  she's the sister of love  so free
ARTS GARAGE     I loved each moment   At Arts Garage   A blues music barrage   Then walking the street at large...        Your touch   Your smile   And for a little while  
LAY WITH LOVE   All I want to do Is make love to you With poetryWith musicAnd a caress or two  That boils your heart   A dreamy kiss  That melts like butter in sun
BEING MY REAL  What matters now is how I feel  and being my real.....   I am drifting on my boat and you're on shore  Waving to me.. shouting.. "give me more" 
IT FLOWS THROUGH ME  The rising sun kisses the day  The breeze flows to me  It has something to say ....   It ruffles my hair I wonder what is to be What we will discover
Gypsy Queen. On me leanBe my Gypsy Lover....  The song you sing Makes love swing So play away To my heart each day And be my Gypsy lover....   To the wind I will sing:
MELTED KISS   That night We danced tight To the rhythms of the floor Wanting the band to play more At Club Colette  With the beach jet set....   It was so so right
TABLE 26   I must sayYou were lovely today With laughter of fun  I long the return of your sun And to play  With Your smile of wonder  And dance with you Untill dawn at six 
EVERY MOVE   I’m free to love. Let me be free. A free lover. To All of you.    If you need me Call my name. If you want me You can do the same.   
 LIONESS   Go into your cave Lick your woundsI understand You're a leo too....   You give all of what you gotAll that you can do....
KISS ME YOU FOOL!!  I know you understand me  It's uncanny   We have a rhyme  Unlike the many      we spent time .... 
SHOOTING STAR   Shooting star Yet so farDancing on       the ocean breezeSoundless musicPlays on      let it burn with ease That's what it does.... 
YOU, ME and THE SEA   The wind carried the ocean’s voice to me she whispered:         “Come to me my lover         I hear you love another         Bring her to me
IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE     Did you feel the rain?  The pictures and words  that floated by tonight...    Did you listen To the rain?  That tapped your shoulder 
AND WE FOUND ALL THAT   I know agony. I know victory. I thought I knew love...   My nights sleeping with shadows       of empty arms. And lonely dreams 
MY HEART FLIES   My heart flies to you No one in the world Moves me like you do..   Wings to lift my heart When we are apart Until I'm in your arms Once again And then...
LOVE TELLS NO LIES Tell me what it's like To see a sad man From inside your eyes...   Do we know How to say I am sorry Not to worry....   Show me the way....  
BUTTERFLIES AND SWEET DREAMS   A moment together filled with butterflies and sweet dreams. Like the dark wind of the night, You left the poet in my heart wanting As you sang your song...  
THE MUSIC OF MY HEART   I heard the kiss you blew my way.  It brought me to you.  This lover's play ...   All through the morning rain I gaze and say. 
A LOVER'S NOTION   How could you knowI miss you so....   We've been apartImprisoned by disdainListen to my heartLet it explain....  
JULY 12   Twenty weeks ago In a boat on a floating cloud With marmalade trees and Milky Way skies Nothing but real allowedOnly natural highs....  
My jack.. my wonderful jack! You have the whole world before you Your skies are blue The sun shines through....    A life so promising All that's new Stars are dancing Awaiting for you.... 
If my fate is written in the stars,  then never shall I look to the sky.    No part of this universe  can tell me who I am,  can tell me what I am.   
In the midst of a forgotten forest, among old trees and new, grew a plant, green and fresh as young schoolboy, curled slightly towards the the glorious sun, feeling a sense of satisfaction and pride
One thousand pieces spread across the table; Completely overwhelmed with where to start. At first look, they blend among the others, But different shades are obsolete to the norm.  
We've made some some good memories together, Making them seem like they were forever, everywhere i go reminds me of you, Just to think  it makes me blue,  As the years fade away, nows there less time to say,
You cast the shadow. I tend to hide behind it. We are an eclipse.
come along to the new year where everyone can see a world of opportunity   the people are abuzz with new ideas of how to face their biggest fears   a chance for a do-over
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Gone again, You're not my friend, But then again were you ever?   Fake words, Wordless fights, Flighty little girls.   I messaged you with no reply, I waited to hear your voice.
Open mind Strong soul Joy will find Made whole   Closed eyes Hard heart
Would I do it again? I want to say yes. I want to say I wouldn't change a thing. But, is that really true? Could I really do this all over again? Am I strong enough? Is anyone strong enough?
1, 2, 3 All Eyes On Me: is what our teacher used to say, to keep the childrens eyes on her any time off the day, are adolescent minds are so easy to sway, so here we are and here we must stay.
I stay up at night why am I always in fright I try my best to succed. but it never goes right. I lost someone dearest I never stay fearless I live in a game, taking the blame
An old Man lies dying  In the cradle of his birth. Choking, Burning. His breath grows shallow, And his eyes fade dim. In doom, he is
From the tales of ancient prophecy  The rivers run to eternity without end  The destiny of all things certain A return to the same place in time
Whether she blamed him or he blames sheThe fall was always meant to be.The gift of knowledge,Forever blessed,Born from the woman’s mess.Yes it is she, sheWho stole the apple from the tree,
The ones so fearful of losing power so many centuries ago  Saw beautiful creatures times two, such a grand foe This is where it began, the treachery to split the souls in half
I exist In the subtle rhythms The periphery of perception In gentle sea breezes And silky laughter  In the dance of falling leaves And dreams I lust after. I construct my reality
Coincidence is not fate Says reality formed, looping like Crochet work unfinished by some Bored Deity   Coincidence is not fate
Pressure, Pressure is what looms over me. Growing up with sense and some type of task, Forced to be the best I can be. School covers the face of stress with a mask.
1. dean moriarty came to me in a dream and took from my
   As I sit in the dark taking my last breath, I think about you. You with all your curves and edges, your lucious locks of hair, your smell of black pepper and hand moisturizure.
There is a man of in(decision) Or not that it is that He is a man with (one) vision He has but one goal   He is always decent on the (test)
Through that happy dream Open this wide gray doorYell then step and screamWhat is this place all for?
I don't believe in omens I don't believe in signs Though our paths have crossed and Our fates seem to align. Am I in denial if "Coincidence!" I cry, Blind to unseen strings? Is chance a myth, a lie?
History Changed But Fate Stayed the Same   The world can be cruel sometimes, But bare with me, it’s true
Living Is only for Finding a satisfying Ending  
My mind thinks on Fate As a silly old thing. Not a speck of dust Doesn’t cover its bald, mottled head. Nor does rust not
Am I really the same person as I was a couple years ago? This new person I see in the mirror tells me different I wouldn’t say that I blossomed physically into change
Take a road on the jet-black highway, You are about to embark on a new adventure, The scorching sun hits the surface as the heat waves rise, The eagles fly high above the flower-decorated cacti,
I relinquish running away, Whatever I do, I feel astray. Sensing jinxed from head to toe, Now it’s time to face my foe.   From all the undying tears I’ve shed; Though unseen, my heart has bled.
far away from me, my heart lived, secluded and then i met you to my unknowing mind, she came out of her shell even though we only started as friends   everyone knew we were meant to be
Spooning with a Ghost She is my muse And I never lose The chills but I’m not afraid Because she loves me Jealously I only worry What will happen when I die And her spirit is left with no one
I don't think I'm important Which is why I become so angry when I hear the girls in my class typing more furiously after I make any prompted comment of self-disclosure then when the esteemed professor
I’m an ambitious man. A tool of destiny, a puppet of fate, transcending all of humanity. Cunning and charismatic, I seek
  I’ve been face to face with the Devil.    I have braved darkness, deep and shallows. Above and beneath the bowls. O! The howls!   I came a long way on this hell road, with my eyes closed,
I never feel like I belong anywhere and I always feel as though I'm in someone else's space.  I don't think this is the way I am suppose feel, I miss being secure and stable in the person I was.
Pitong taon, Pitong taon kong hinintay ang mga katagang ni minsan ay hindi sumagi at ni hindi minsan ay hindi namutawi sayong mga labi.   Nagsimula ang lahat sa simpleng usapan, sa simpleng kiligan, sa simpleng utuan.
Dear Poet:   I watch you tip your head back to face the breeze, I watch you devour pieces of peaches with no concern for pretense.
Dear D, You’re my worst enemyWho is always there with me, From the moment I awakeTo the thoughts that I make.
Dear Fate, Since the day I was born exposed to the empty canvas called life, that I was never in control of, we’ve been playing each other. Locked in a stalemate. I play as the mighty king;
I withstood the pressure
I think of all the hardships I’ve endured, and the streets I’ve crossed. In the end, I still feel lost. Is fate a thing?
The ruthless dictator when seen from sorrowful eyes.   The empathic healer when seen from solaced eyes.   The dutiful watcher when seen from admiring eyes.   The reliable partner
Dear Future, There are too many words in my head, Yet I can’t get them down. They swirl, they jumble, And I begin to drown. There are too many thoughts in my head, That I can’t decipher.
I see too clearly that you are a rigid string unwilling to bend for, or to, others. Your plans are obscure, complicated,
From horoscope readings To zodiac signs To interpreting the location of the stars in the sky To stumbling upon one special person Unaware of the great impact they will have on you Whether it will be good or bad
I am scared they will find out soon in due time ‘twill be the end of promises I’ve made Something important in exchange of mine Fair but funny from a creature of hate None shall find out, it will mean death if so
The truth, my pride. It's all conflicing... See, I've been hurt so many times, ain't no tears in me. So memory lane I'm jogging faithfully, but waking up some days... I don't take so graciously.
It was like any other day. The cars were honking. The children were shouting, playing. Someone was doing their homework. A mom was buying groceries. A girl and a boy were chatting endlessly.
She sits atop a jeweled throne, her lilac hair an endless stream. Her gold eyes are all-knowing, and her body is furled in tenebrous shadows. She looks at the board before her.
You were playing with my hair As we lay there in your room And I said baby there's something That I gotta tell you You looked at me with your big brown eyes
In the beginning there was us That’s the only thing that I’m sure of I may not know what  tomorrow holds But I know I’ll be holding you
She sits alone With puppet strings In her crumbling tower On the edge of the earth   She plots and grins As she untangles the strings
To my first love,    The exquisite pain in feeling your love, it was the very thing that kept me alive Whether it was when we were friends, lovers, you were always by my side
Bitter Sweet Exhaustion   I wish I would have known I wish I would have known That beauty is a just shapeshifter that turns into the nightmare shown
Dear Destiny,   With words unspoken, you decide our fate From the things we love to the things we hate  Who we fall in love with, and who we can't stand Our every last wish, our every last demand
Dear Fate,   Look into my eyes After all your pressures of time And see how I have grown In the adversity you have thrown.   I was a little girl In a big, big world
Take this in, deep down inside. With all the wrong and all the right. Only you know, only you see.
Pulling that move was a classic. A simple old,"reach over and fall down" But you fell down right on my shoes. By my feet. Ugh.
He has stumbled upon the girl, the goal of his lifetime.   With an eternity of waiting, the two souls became one, Swiftly, under the golden shine of dusk in the summertime.
our souls are fickle things they float about the world lightless and heavy with one mission in their heart
and when your tears hit the pillow and dried, i noticed that your eyes would be as clear as the day we met to the day we died   your hand felt soft in mine
Sometimes you fall in love with someone at the wrong time. Sometimes you see that pair of brown eyes for the last time and you’ll fall. Deeper, And deeper. And you always have that little bit of hope
I won't be happy when there's a frown on her face I won't fully rest when she's not by my side I won't relax if I'm not sure that she's safe   I love those quirks she calls flaws
I wonder how The fates decide About who lives And about who dies I question the brick I’m walking on Should it be dirt? Or should it be stone? I look at the world With unkindly eyes 
They say we only do drugs like we got no ambition, We take it personal cause deep inside we're on a mission, But people see only the worst like they got tunnel vision, They make us look so pathetic as if we got no wisdom,
How can you love someone else with out loving yourself? How can you hurt yourself when you stopped beliving in yourself you are a queen rule your empire.
I battle with fate. I battle it, I battle it!My control, not yours! Let my decisions mean something. What kind of depression comesfrom trying and doing and acting and kicking and screaming just to see
I killed youAnd you killed meMore specificallyWe killed ourselves To stay true to the scriptAnd when I draw the knifeReleasing it from my fleshIt will be warmAnd the blood will glitter
I saw you Don't pretend like you didn't notice We made eye contact You swallowed I watched your Adam's apple rise and fall As nervousness formed pools over your pupils
Born into you, Cant escape you, There's no use running I cant even hide from you; Who convinces me that I'm not worthy, Who tells me I can't do anything, Who's love toward me
Pain, it's something some of us know to well. Pain of loss. Pain of gain. Can not be eluded. One may try. One will fall. One will cease, too great of pain. An imeasureable amount of pain.
The doll of an urban legend, born on 5th avenue and made in Macy’s Herald Square, threw away her metro card.
Listen to me my son, you are called to teach; Basically I’m asking you to crawl in deep; But first, we’re gonna have to overhaul your speech;
Turbulent were waters so much so that  it was said to my soul  as it faded near the dead rise, be bold now go ahead strive causing strife within my mind 
Calcify me  Make me stay Frozen with you  until you're grey.    We're all just popsicles  on a hot summer's day, anyway. 
Despite what happens We will all die at our time Enjoy life's greatness
I am walking around in the company of friends at 2200h. It’s a well lit highway, even more lit by our tranquil laughter. A police land rover pulls over Uniformed armed cops jump out And cover us with their AK 47s.
Heed My Mind, And Swallow My Tongue, As I Will Subconsciously Wade, Not Swim To My Demise, Not A Thought Has Shone, Shone Through The Mirror Of My Eye, The Icy Pane Of Forgiveness,
Love surpassing something as limited as the heart and human emotion. The seas apon the globe are nothing but mere shallow ponds in comparison to the capacity we own as one. You are me, I am you. 
The lady in red is saying something. She claps her hands, resting them on the desk. Her expression is no longer taunt. Her Words don't make her pause. She draws those words from a book
If you told me I was good at poems, Of this man you speak of I'd say I didn't know 'em. I'd say I can't be good at any of this! For I only do it for some, likely, unobtainable bliss.
We all have a detiny in life, Some follow, and some not.  Not as easy as you thought.  You have some people, who are strife, Whose life cuts like a knife. Shall I think of life as a rot?
It reassures me Yet it used to Annoy me so much Thinking about My choices being made Without me as a thought But for some reason It now becomes a medicine I plead for it
. . . so hush, little baby Baby, don't you cry. . .   Hey, Hey, now, Mr. Harvey! Lookin' all sharp and sweet, you do, sir! Yes, Sir! O o o h. . .
Oh beautiful, starry night;This is how I want to die.Wrapped up in thoughtUnaware (of what’s coming)
I love poetry Almost the same I love you. Living life thinking of it Without you, poetry is The only I got to express my love.   I vibe your grief, Telling me how hurt you got.
You mask your hellBecause no one understoodYet you open to one personA stranger who came from the shadowsSomeone who doesn't know human conditionsBut you felt close to them
When we were children, we believed that growing up was the way to freedom. That maybe if we were just a little bit older, we could destroy our demons. But somehow we found out the truth.  
life and all its colorful catastrophes i walk head down searching for a penny for my entity i walk head up searching salvation for my soul   a sudden crash loud and clashing people running  
delicate torn fragile palm then clasped tight then clasped not   the valley the rapids the current ravaging and fierce   the plain steady firm
Shy, cry, bye and why Look me in my eyes, and you still lie Tears swelling, questioning how I will get by Water weight dropping, I've ran myself dry I'm a wreck, be honest, how do I look?
The one thing I fear the most is the one thing you can never see. It takes many forms, many speeds. It can be quick and easy It can be long and painful But you never see it.
The days I want to cry and die You make me happy and I don't cry . You make me feel loved the days when i feel I'm not enough . You clear my mind when a storm has hit I wish I belonged to a group or a click .
I am scared to go to sleep. The demons haunt my dreams. I always wake up screaming, but that fuels their torture even more.   I see them everywhere. With their, hollow eyes, Gaping mouths,
While the sun rises and sets with its comity, We continue to make the same mistakes and break amity, With no other person that ourselves. Remember to yourself that circumstances and conditions lay upon you,
I traded all my sanity for love.A glance, a test, a terminal mistake;My guilty conscience fits me like a glove.
"You Motherfucker" She said as she let the darkness within her That she suppressed and kept hidden for so long, awaken. Rendering him powerless  with every word she spoke.
Hey. Three letters of a word I cannot, say. Wish you could say them for the first time, today. With that smile in your eye. Hi.
Lost in common misconceptions and perceptions From society's closed eyes Searching for direction In the darkness of deception Deciphering the lies   With my mind's eye
Twilight, gray snow weeping Down the livid sky Rusted pickups, belching steam vents Bloodshot furtive eyes.   Drunk at dawn Beside the shallow river Blackout just ahead
baby girl I see you got the finest ass too bad you ain't got no class your lack of education shows desperation you seek for fame instead of self gratification.
"Try, just try They shout across the void But false hope,like a lie It's my mind with which they toyed But real are the tears in which i cried Am I more than a mindless droid? Not to them
I don’t know what love is in words I know I feel it   so well it hurts I don’t know if you Are the only one I’ll love In this particular way But I know that you Are living in my mind
"He prayed She layed, There awake too tired to sleep He forgave She hates Too hurt,but too scared to leave Tears cried Head shakes I am yours my heart to keep Can't tell
"The day of death grows closer still All the while I hold the pill To make or break this path I've chosen Will I choose the water or poison  For the path of God is never easy
will They find the body? will She care? Finally. I can't get the smell out of my head The lights dance, faltering like they did over the shattered glass
Fate works in mysterious ways Putting me through pain on most of my days Mental and physical, it has no preference For in my mind pain has taken up residence   But still I wonder for what reason this is
I'm sorry for all of my stupidity, But maybe I shouldn't have moved to the city. Usally in this world I do not cry, I just buck up and stare at the sky. When I see the smaller stars in the sky,
In the foreseeable future I know ill be able to help my family I wont go missing like bueller Ill float like a bumble bee ready to lend anything because I know what its like to have nothing
To the lords i sing about life's morbid sting and the few many doors that open before me in which inside i expect much more than the things i receive.
Adulthood snuck up on me, deceived me Oh, she’s a sly one She flirted with me for a time, dangling her alluring maturity and ravishing freedom before my eyes
My eyes did see a flower, The flower did flourish under another's watch. I lay on my back and watched the skies, The clouds did form a face of a queen.
She could not be normal if she tried Her intentions for perfection, She would not see of her undoings Her heart, quick to trust, painfully bled Who knew she would come to be so tied?
I put my best foot on the lawns But the lawns did resist my wrath With my index finger, I hatefully pointed But the words did resist my wrath I swallowed the pride And my chest did feel my wrath
Our words are forgotten as our memories return. They stopped, and time froze around us. Enclosing us to this very spot, this very moment. And although there is such a hatred that plagues our world.
What are the odds? Of being born when you were Of saying I love you when you did  Of being the person that you are What are the odds?.. of them calling your name
I am . . . Reserved, Reflected, Becoming the Reserved Reflection of Light, Circular, Cunning, Lightning Cunning through Circular objects, Backwards, Bigger,
Subconsciousness of memories flashing back as a motion picture
Do you sense the depression of the earth?
I am of men and earth. I am of women and worth. What I know now is now. All the what's, whys and hows. What I knew then is then. The time before men. I wish I could have known
Solid thoughts float his mind.
I thought it all made sense back then. I didn't have the idea down yet. Sure you can say it was way back when, but it doesn't excuse my regret. My life had tumbles and falls and I thought I had it rough.
Depths of pain Wails hollow Death’s compassionate touch My heart breaks Grief, gloom, heart ache Depths of pain Wails ring aloud This breaking pain
I heard once of a wishing well
Im a fool
I looked at my watch it was 12am, a mirror caught my eye and then, I saw crow's feet perched on each eyes flank, a long grey beard and my eyes had sank, I looked so old but felt so young, 
Struggling to find the words to express my insides parts of me tangled up, others intertwined
I weep not for you I weep for me I do not cry for you You do not see I am not hurt That's not the case And if I were You can't see it in my face I cry late at night
Destiny, settled in stars Adjusted by wonder Fiddled with by passion Two meet Not meant to greet Secrets kept from Three
  So imagine theres a girl, and maybe another girl, and even more maybe, something like a monster inbetween them.    Which one are you?  
Why only call on him at midnight? When your mind feels weak not right Why not call on him throughout the day? Like before you become overwhelmed and your skies turn gray
Darkness engulfs,clouded by despair.Surrounding the peacefulness,eroding it from within.Discontent follows,maddened by grief.Unpleasantly distraught,lacking true desire.
Through my eyes I see you
Imagine living with a family of disorders, darkness riding upon corners. Imagine living with an anorexic sister, autistic brother,
I see a 'Wall' Were images are reflected. From the names. Of those that went. And met their fate. They had no choice. Or deferment. From their fate.
Reading about Aaliyah on the blog spot the number 722 on her apartment I see that combination and mixes all the time A sudden though hits my mind Aaliyah's watching over me.   The light flickers.
Over the years, We fell apart. Lost contact, Drifted away.  
That night rain made the skies look like wet parchment
  the cold damp grass bends beneath my weight The night sky casts a white shadow on my fate looming like dramatic irony I remain unaware the stars eye on me i still think that life is fair
Oh sweet intricate splendor, thoughts of decisions made, self reflection, and regret.  Waves in my brain, the tide comes in after midnight.  In the darkn
The sound of humming wind is blessed with the wings of a bird's grace,  its' soft feathers pulsing through the barriers of the wind in such hace now peircing through heaven's smoke in which the clouds so gingerly lay.  
You get judged every day  People dont know your pain What you gain people suck away Selfconfidence starts to drain  It is hard to make it through the day I cant believe my eyes
The last day before your good Goodbye I do hope to see you one more time Dreamt of the time to pass and say Hi
We always say "Hi" And it comes with a smile We always say "Hi" But yet to say "Goodbye"
Melancholy only drives me to experience more: Love harder, brave the storm. 
Not Meant To Be
A band of captives, trapped in a cave deep within the earth Held prisoners like slaves, chains bind them to a wall, holding them down in the dirt   No joy of human relations, elations of freedom
When we met you told me you loved me.   The people were passing  in an unusual rush. The mood was like when someone falls down; as if God pressed pause for a second to breathe.
Twisted and tangled upon the floor, was where she laid herself.She wasnt looking at anything specifically, but yet she was staring at the irony of her destiny.
A bubbling 
Where do we go when we die?  How numerous are the stars in the sky?
The Saint  
For the misfourtuane Of the fortunate Is that they live Within their shell of a life And the foutuane Of the misfourtunate Is that they live Like it will be The last day Of their life
A blanket of purity Holes burnt into the fabric
It's so cold Everytime I open my eyes this chill hits my spine & in that very moment Im completely frozen My hearts been numb by the base & I've grown numb to the faces of the pain that I try to run from
There is a sense of relief That comes with finding the one. You know the one?   The one that deals with your laughter And your tears The one that is screaming at the computer screen
The smell of smoke lingers in the air Blowing towards the crack longing for freedom to escape its beholder I am the smoke looking for a place to go To grow. I can fly with the wind and
In the moment, no answers were shown But looking back, I should’ve known   Deep down something shifted, that wasn’t quite right
The water laps against the boats, A deep, cerulean blue. The white sails flap, flip in the wind As the boats sail through. Oh, to be aboard One of the creaking, wondrous vessels;
Plans for the future
It feels rather cold tonight
There's a pair of eyes                                                                                          That can make me perfect in my eyes
I hope I forget your eyes And that I couldn't look way. I hope I forget your smile Because it makes me wish you'd stay.   I hope I never call you  When its late and I can't sleep.
Some find themselves When they curl their toes over the edge of reason Looking down at all that is sane
My past is full of hatred and disgust
Long walks on the beach Looking into your eyes 
My tongue is tied, My heart flutters,
The days of days that you were there,
You reached for my hand to pull me up To the very top so I could see All the mountains and beautiful greenery.  I had never done a thing so dangerous.   As I looked out over the small mountain town,
Whisping through the air, like beautiful strands of hair, white as a ghost at a haunting, floating in the wind never taunting, a dirty little secret it tries to keep, but everyone knows it likes to creep,
The Sky, white robed with freckles blue,  Stares back at me from where I stand.  My toes inch forward; any wind that blew, Would push me over to an uncertain end.  
Thank you for trying to save me. Thank you for trying to make me love myself, but as you can clearly see, I am beyond saving. I have lived my entire life feeling worthless.
Kingdoms shall fall
Never fail to notice your intuition Enduring life When it becomes chaotic Compelled to make rapid decisions My mind is gifted
If a stranger is someone You do not yet know, And a friend is someone with Your best interests in mind; Could not someone be both, And instead of being a stranger, Or a friend,
More concrete, cracked beneath our feet. Moans of souls long gone oscillate Between the empty buildings. Emptiness and viruses, all-consuming inside me.  The only eggs left inside me are hardly mine. Damn flies.
The lights so bright, I cannot see And though visibly impaired by this I know everyone's eyes are on me  Every move I make, they will not miss Who am I? In front of the World, I do not know
Heart pounding, face flushed a crushing headache bum-rushed Breath ragged, star-crush the holy theme of hush hush
For several years I was stuck in a rut It was time for a change, so I trusted my gut I was doing the same thing for many years It was time to step out, time to face my fears  
If I ever have a daughter. I would tell her that she will be okay even if It seems that the world is ending. I would tell her not to try and carry it on her shoulders Or to give someone else a turn.
For whome, This may
I wander through my own mind looking for a sign with the utmost desire to let myself run free my feelings and emotions flow like I just finished reading The Great Gatsby   I have so much to say,
A double edged sword one side love one side hate living through a twisted fate   one side life one side death struggling for one last breath   one side forgives
Why William d
So many people lost today. So many take an easy way, sell their souls and give their love away.
A thousand universes aligned To being us tonight, tomorrow, and forever Some call it fated, destined, or something like that It's actually pure dumb luck The odds are astronomical This is the impossible
Its my time to shine many years have passed my destiny is calling reflection in the glass   Curtain call! I hear the man scream a bang on the door Startling me  
Him Something about him His laugh, his smile, something that's him This isn't like me
For all the love I have to give No one can learn to live with it I'm restless, weary and fading Straining to remain the same Another date, another day No love shines in this shade
We were almost loverd a long time ago,  Two young minds entwined through intimate play, thoughts waltzing together in endless flow,
I have liked you since the day we first met I want to tell you but I don’t know how Fearing rejection I can’t tell you yet You never really noticed me til now You put a smile on my face everyday
Sometimes fate is something you make,Something that you work for,Sometimes fate is given to you and you choose to take it,Something that is a present,Sometimes fate will lead you some place unforseen,
Stars are shining In the great black sky Where the universes fate still lies Our future is uncertain We can’t predict the beginning or
He is spontaneous and imperfect.
Wedding love--rare depth Uncommon variation Sought four leaf clover
It's like a parasite  Feeding on all my energy.  I'm consumed, engulfed by your love While you are merely floating in it. Why is it that we dont share the same fate?
When darkness takes over, Our nightmares come to life.  Who's time will end next? A mere roll of the dice. Fate is a religion for those who hate chance. But be it random or precise,
She is...More precious than the jewels that surround her King, the Queen is flawless her love is deeper than the bluest ocean the greenest forest...
I rest by the water fall
Coincidence brought me to you with good intentions,
To be heard, is the cry of every heart To be heard, is desired from the very start From a child's first cry, to final death We long to put our souls to rest To find peace in someone who has heard
Here I Stand across the way Between a gap as wide as the grand canyon Two worlds separated, and our hands never touch It was a giant shift from the crust of our Earth And the flow of tears that shaped the divide
Sweet, musky scentthat rises the stripedstairs into my nostrilsand opens my eyesto see a blurred, blue silkysmooth crashing, clutchfrom the shoving mobbehind me, intoa forgotten memory, whose
The hollow persists in the space you've wrapped aroundBut the inner circle containsEmptiness, loneliness, painLike the drip, drip, dripThe flow from my brainIt never turns off, never goes, never slows
If you change, will you be judged? Is this you're ultimate fate? People don't comprehend what life can hold. It is full of beauty, as well as sincere people. But, it is also full of darkness and people who are dishonest.
My heart is beating faster than normal. Perhaps it’s the coffee or all this anticipation. On edge and full of emotion. An agonizing wait as today is the day. The day that could change.
I haven't met you. I haven't seen you.
Nothing I do can make me forget you, Everyday is your smile on my mind and your touch on my cheek, your eyes on mine as if we look away we'll go blind.
I try but the words don't come For once, I'm rendered speechless
She acts before she thinks He thinks before he acts but neither one had ever thought that they'd be the perfect match 
Still like water, in the shade of palms Beneath the arms, of a desert sun This soul is calm, with the frequencies Of the cosmos, flowing through me Blue sky across rough horizon Endless are these dry oceans
There is a hill behind my house that changes With every season, it transforms and makes me
A sprouting flower still frail and green Before it bloomed they doubt what they see Quantified judgments have been made before
As the rain falls, it cries 
Have you ever envisioned Karmaas an object or a thing?Is Karma a force?Is Karma a centrifugal ring?Or perhaps Karma is a person;a woman or a man.Unfortunately, I cannot tell;No one can.
At first I thought the issue was me. But then I saw my mother. I thought the issue was her. But then I saw my aunt. I thought the issue was her. But then I saw my grandmother.
All over America, there are towns And yet no one knows them Except the citizens themselves And can you blame them? (It is their right, after all, to know the town they live in)  
It's funny
Each and every day is like another Over again, her life is on replay So much like a broken record player It can always break her heart to pieces And bring seas raining from her eyes
Love is everything in science love is reproduction in poerty love is tragedy in movies love is fate in childhood love is grotesque in war love is scarce in time love is stronger
Just a moment of our lives,  Thinking about every second, Not even caring about the person walking right past us.  It's all about ourselves time and time,
What was once  Will never be What is now Will presently be What is to come Will forever be
Green grass, crystal lakes, Warm brass, glorious days.
Luck sits watching the world, She along with her mate. Serious he sits by her side, The all-seeing Fate. And below them both, Their four children dance around. Chance, Destiny, Karma, and Fortune Occasionally stop to glance down.
"Resist" she screams running from ash Broken and torn but not turning back
Waiting for someone.     On my pinky, the red string.    
Everyday Same time Your front door creaks, did you notice? Mine does, too. 10:30 AM, you walk out of your apartment- The one right across the hall from mine- And I make sure I walk out, too.
It’s so strange how things connect.
As I retire I perform a similar routine It involves a person Sometimes it is dream He is only a boy
A picture of a broken memory It's just the spirit of a faded cause A broken promise - there I'd always be It will leave when I take the time to pause   I know that it is only a mirage
bring the silence oh Harbinger of Death,the true death,not absence of Life,absence of the heart.lacking in Love does bring us apart.tear at me great Leviathan,crush the dreams and mix the poison
Someday, We'll Be In The Clouds And We Can Say We've Made Each Other Proud By The Fact That We've Come So Far  After Traveling For So Long In The Dark. We'll Be Happy That We've Finally Reached The Light
If you have love in your life, Then sir you have achieved what most men cannot. More than, any sailor dares to conceive in his Rash and unreasonable mind. But ay We are just men.
Dim lights, romantic music, Blue-purple poufy dress,
Our ancestry shall not define usWe are as much a piece of the pastAs an integral portion of the futureAnd yet we are not only that 
Love is a beautiful mix Of fate and chancetwo bodies along a planemost probably skew linesbut given some grand lucka single wish upon 11:11:11we intersected at a pointforetold among our stars
Call me insane, but I'm trapped. In the confines of my house this time, not my mind. Maybe both. "Because you're a girl", replays like a broken cassette tape. Just bear it. Just breathe. Wait.
You’re what I yearn for From the crown to the core Lusting for you more and more Your splendor is all I’m seeing
Please don't lose yourself in your wild, untamed mind.
 She is the all seeing and all knowing.     She is relentless and revengeful.     She comes and goes. 
She's been sleeping In other beds Not listening To those who mind She stuck around In dreams Not caring That they would mind
Is it worth it to die, Or should I ask to live?
For all of you, welcome, welcome, welcome To the world of ‘you cannot do anything right’ Where the only noises are the chains that bind you to rules and regulations
Madness Is My Only Cure, Sanity Is What People Tell Me Is Pure,
People come in and out of our lives everyday
It takes pain to know that you're alive,    That your heart is beating.    That your skin is feeling.    That your lungs are breathing.   It takes passion to know that you have the drive,
"The water flows between my fingersmy hair entangles amidst my crooked nails and moist ridges within my skin.a cry of weakness shatters a ripple among the wavesa goodbye smile attends the rest
The Puzzle Life is so confusing What to do And what to say I feel like I'm abusing My brain
Open your eyes   Walk down the street, Look around. Look down at your feet, Do you see it?
I only need you   I talk to you, And the world goes silent. I listen to you, And my ears have new meaning.
Hidden Lies The present is cheap, The future looks bleak. An image of solace, Is all the eyes meet. In reality, it is a downfall. The world can be simply defined
Going Our Separate Ways My eyes begin to water As I crave your warm embrace Missing you is like a deadly sin It breaks my heart
German Boy “I love you” Silence “I love us” More silence “I need you” A terrifying
A pained existence Fear creates wounds Fear is agony Fear has become pain Pain that is as intense as a woman screaming into the night Because fear is the room she has been trapped in.
Fear of rejection   Been such a long time Since I’ve been home I feel like so long I was a mime
Confused I hate you I want to break you No I don’t What am I saying I love you
Happiness   Many things can bring joy to ones life. Exploring love, Family, Friendships.
Unrequited Love, you see, that's my life story, There's times I wish I could go back to when you didn't exist to me. Nothing's worse than knowing the person you want to be with is a made up myth.  
Brother brother; fickle admirer:
Constant struggle. Daily beatings, no matter what it is. Feelings weak, so weak. I shut down. about break.   Wanting to cry for help. But only feel alone in a dark room.
people today think they know what respect truly is, when they don't even respect the opinions of others.
You'll never know what's ahead of you If you are constantly starring back. How many people do you know move on with their life, When they won't uncuff themselves from their past? If you don't let go of the old, 
We were separated by states.  No hair yet upon my chin, but without being aware,  I belonged to you. My heart had a path,  and knowing you not, we were still destined to be.   I, Robert.
exactly how fair does it seem to be put in this world with hopes and dreams to use every day gaining possessions telling lies, truths, and confessions finding some miraculous things
She lived a lucky life Always happy, always smiling Her biggest problems were nothing She didn't really know what sadness was But one day, it all crashed down Her face filled with tears
I wish my
I know you can do so much But I continue to question I live in a world that does not bow But you are here too And too often I forget who you really are   My adoration, loving forgiver
    .                           .                  
Over head, they loom with impending news To either quell the fires that ravage Or to restrain life that grew too savage. In most respects, we must all pay our dues To revitalize the cycle a new.
ACCEPTANCE© Glenn Johnson   Today longing burst into the blooming of acceptance.                                For how many eons . . . into how many worlds 
My skin cannot find its’ purpose in newspapers uncomfortable it makes you ashamed guilt makes you look dirty little girl played slavery when she was seven tar baby
If you learned to walk in the dark.How would you act when the lights come on?If you spent your whole life high.How would you face the day sober?If you spent your whole life lost,Would you really want to be found?
He wrote me a poem once The boy who leaves in January for LA He wrote me a song once The boy I don't want to say goodbye to.   We spent the day exploring a museum once
  Miraculous pity isn’t it so? Gingerly anticipation! My gloved hands pulsing, to know…to not know… Tails lack an end of extermination. Should chance toss elsewhere- then off with her head!
Every one of us Has a place where we go Where we dance, we sing, we love, we fly, we see, we know... we do. And then we wake up.   And we step into our world where we just stay.
You would never believe where i had landed Far from the world but still empty handed does it change a thing at all i guess i'm not one to make that call to fall or stand was my only choice
Seven billion I'll never meet all of them I'm glad I met you
I got a date with DestinyAt Hollywood Boulevard I studied it like AnatomyAnd I know almost everyone has given up on me butI need redemption no need to mention my past
My heart will always want you In my world its only you My mind is mixed and you know it In my thoughts you are always in it   Youre the reason for it all And to be with you again Id have to give it all
White walls overcrowd with gold chains explicit language and tattoos Pant sdrag against concrete imprinting a woman's son's blood Cool metal lies against thick hands attached to a monsterous body
Blue is red Red is green My thoughts are mud Mud is dirt Save for me What you have And I shall save for you Things I do not even have Be careful, Be careless
Fate is not a linear force. It is not an inescapable hallway, But rather a myriad of doorways Showing all the possibilities before you. We stepped through two doors on the same day
When all signs of a salvation are gone, you still pray Every last shard you try to piece back together Rays of ultraviolet blast your face, you fled the party Leaving bare and exposed, a lifeless being Cold and hard was the concrete on which you f
One night I went to a party, Not too extravagant, Not too small. But a substantial gathering, A group of individuals that care about one another enough,
My friend and I were talking one day and he asked me, "What do you think about the state of downtown?" I thought about this question for a second and said...
Our faith is our sail Intuition the wind The life we've built for ourselves is the hull beneath our feet The world may get rough at times The seas shaky and the winds turbulent
Sand is sifting, The grains of time, tumbling Through, down to the dune of The underworld of times past. Moments descending upon us, We take no notice. Moments falling, behind and below existence,
Because it's funy how the person who makes you happiest Is also the person capable of hurting you the most, intentional or unbeknownst And the worst kind of love Is the kind where you love and they love
I was young when I accepted what I thought to be my fate. I cried at first, but then my sadness faded, everything faded, Everything but my hate, and I continued on that path, as was fated.  
I once met love at the front door! And, when I glaced it's direction Love, beautifully, smiled back at me. That was love. My first sight! I became instantly drawn to love.
lay my cards on your table...tell me my fate tell me where we stand on that thin line between love and hate since you control my memory, please just allow me to forget
Confused With no one to talk to I'm so confused How will I vent to hold down the tears For no one seems to be here My mind is so dark and weird With no one to talk to I'm so confused
This fog gives me a sweet sense of what is to come, While the sun is hiding, ready to take its course. I am ready, for my story has just begun.
7...8...9... It's been 9 days since your hand slipped through my finger tips. 9 days since I've last felt the bliss of your warm embrace. 9 days of thinking of time edged in moments that we solemnly spent together.
I once was a child, ignorant of the Devil’s orchestrations whereas Overconfidence intimidated Priority. Delivery of divine desire upon request though a coveted dream in disguise-
    Three people Two smiles, Two hands And one heart left broken.   The smile you created, All the things you said to me Are just words now?   I’m broken in emotions,
We don't get to timeour crises of faith,do we? When thebite has gone outof the bourbon itseems as thoughjokes are not funny,as they used to be.
Three years next Tuesday. That was the day you left me. I've questioned God for three years. I've asked why you were taken instead of me. It may not have been that type of situation.
I am from the southern part of Dayton, Ohio. I am from my dad and granddad because my dad has anger management And because my grandparents didn't want children, And when I was born I was real sensitive on the inside
I ask the Lord to quiet my soul It has awoken from its restless sleep It has caught sight of the ones my heart used to love and it wonders painfully where all the love has gone I sit here comforting it as it cries
If it is up to me, I will write; And I will let it be. Internal and External locus of control. Control of my fate. It is up to me.  
As I see out the window The trees sway in the wind As the storms is coming It brings a cold icy breeze
it was fate that brought me to this spot, looking down the dirt road where my heart was caught by the swirling winds of your love. the memories play like a movie in slow motion. reversing time and going back to that day.
We were broken from the start Ill made molds from our beginning Bits and pieces of fears and failures Make our chemical make-up   We will not bow We are broken, not defeated
Everyone dances; everyone hums. We all must move to the beat of the drums. We try to fight our given fate, but we don't realize until it's too late. Fate already expects
                                                        Walking quickly on the path of green, the woman suddenly stops to survey the scene. She could not know
Like a thief in the night It came. Merely a year was requested, And merely a year was given. Althought not always bonded,  Bonded they were in blood. Father and son,
Draw a path For a destiny. Take it nice and slow. Do not worry about the flaws, For they will clear With the brightest light, That will never make it dark. So enjoy a journey
They say That you and your mate Are tied by a knot On a an invisible thread That keeps you together Despite what may separate: A couple miles, An entire country, Two continents,
Desires are a deep thirst Always there Water quenches   Dreams are saltwater Appear to quench in the end  only worsen   Taking hopes Twisting them  
So let me tell you, it started with this girl, you already heard alll the shawty stories but yo son let me tell you about this one girl. Shawty tall like model, didnt know why she aint go on ANTM
A girl to begin my poetry, a girl to hold my heart, a girl to talk with me,  and never be apart. She inspires the words,  she creates the lines, if it not for her, I would have never shined.
Love, What Is It? What Should Be A Simple Question? But Yet Is Asked By Many Do You Have To First Lust To Love If You Ask Me You'll Receive A Shrug Said Often Only Out Of Curiosity
Fate in a long black dress with a golden noose Around its neck. Fate with piercing blue eyes And tainted lips. Fate is human but godly, With other-worldly inspiration and cosmic consciousness.
Nerline! Nothing more, nothing less My name among other things pronounced at his lips' release A petrified shiver down my spine We are nothing more than strangers who
I will follow you. Even when the grass Turns to sand, Even if the sand Lasts for days, I will turn my head From the wind And against the grains I will follow you.
You make me laugh. You make me smile. You make my life have purpose. I am nothing without you. Before you came into my life I was a mess. I finally had a reason to change who I was. You gave me a reason to start my life over.
Is it my fate to move forward amongst my peers? Is it too lateare my fortunes beyond the seers? Do I step into the heights to gain hope and grandeur? Do I veer back into the night to a silent allure?
  After all these years, my feelings for you have only increased. All the many tears and emotions that never ceased.   You were my first. Yes, I know
When one has all but wish for none When one has none but wishes all   One’s path, One’s fate, One’s Destiny     A life for a life, denial in humanity A life denial at humanity for a life  
How did you see me? Was it the color upon me? There is nothing different about this faceless creature So now I ask
It all started with just one word, hey. Hey, let's learn about poetry.   Poetry, the Key to opening Life's Door, The Key to freeing the unknown within. Poetry, the Key.  
Using the fragments of decomposing cameras we laughed at the pictures from years gone away and faded they painted nice images
We stand to fall, We run to crawl, We laugh to cry, and we live to die. No matter what turn you take, your actions all lead to fate. The fate at the end of the road you're on, 
Never did I think you'd be a part of the past, our time together went by a little too fast. What you've now done for this community, is what will forever go down in history. You gave your life to save another,
There was loud noise Followed by me crying out his name As the bathroom door Flew open I could feel the steam Coming from out of there Pressuring against my face My mind bobbled
You know, you might look at me and think that I've got it all together, this much is true. But if you dig a little deeper, the truth will come through. You see, I'm just a young man with a hope and dream, a little talent, too.
You've changed? You once loved me and called me everyday Now you rarely say my name You've changed? It all started when distance was put between us  Seperated by only a few miles
looking at our target changes nothing but makes us dream changing out actions to create the better gets us moving
They don't kow the tears I cry, They don't know the life I have, I have wings and I can fly, Going by my own path. I seem weak, But I am strong, Very sweetly meek, But not for long.
Tossed out of the ocean I’m gasping God take me back This agony is everlasting g Deaths cold fingertips Tantalize and twist
Oh what shadows I carry and bring with me; We dance all night and sing in perfect harmony, Oh so joyous and free. Together we live so happily, because they're just like me.
In the dark sky No one hears her cry There's no one to call Her tears continue to fall Her broken heart Is a work of art
The red glow of the sun beat heavily on the barren sky. Cloud might have blocked it from view but the glow of its aura could be seen faintly in the sky, as heat manifested the air.
Evey kiss is imprinted upon my lips I can still feel the heat of you Living on in the memory of a touch An unbelievable softness The velvet of you lips Covering a barley leashed passion
Inhale the scorching summer sun Inhale the vibrance envelope around you like the sweet simmering blades of grass staring vividly at the horizon I feel the heat wrapping its tentacles around my pale white flesh
The yelling has stopped His bags are packed I love him unconditionally He still left me He was my fist kiss Always will be my first love I loved him with all my heart He was still taken away from me
Will I ever be able to escape the clutches of my mind And travel the world as a happy soul One so content with life and eternally blessed If this happens I could surrender my love and finish my existence with him
A decade is a long time; it could not be made up for the past time. Depression is walking through my mind, and it makes me go blind. My crying heart is not healed; it still suffers from its open sealed.
Who are you? Are we the samejust split between two spirits–lonely and tortured souls?You make me feel safe insideand that notion makes me shudder.You say you can’t be there for me,
As I lay here crying As I lay here sick as can be I feel the tears running along my cheeks They're so warm, they burn My cheeks are burning And I feel tortured I feel like every tear drop that burns
I write to create a realistic image in your subconscious mind To create a way to express my thoughts, leaving mouth from my entering mind My poetry is more than just the similes and rhymes
I can finally smile once again but only in the rain. I run around and be myself but only in the rain. I laugh and I jump in joy but only in the rain. I forget about the pain you've caused me but only in the rain.
Eyes, deep as the Nile. Lips, so angrily tempting. Mind, an expansion of knowledge, That pulls me closer than Earth's gravitational pull.
He's the character of man who thinks himself kind and generous until it's all that he is— a gentle touch, a loving caress. Prick and squeeze, penetrate and hug. A single finger.
I wonder how you came to be for your stone cold heart doesn’t seem to beat. There’s a chunk of ice in you chest, frozen so cold you will never rest. The Love I gave you could never undo
I came out of the womb a writer. I am certain. However, I didn't accept that I was a writer until age nineteen. That year I made a choice--we all have to make one, or more, eventually.
Remember the days when we were in love The times we spent counting stars up above The kisses we shared The love we made Is it really all gone should I have stayed
The world is just an empty realm without you on my mind. It spins with no succession, it spins out of time. Without you, my heart shall bleed and never mend again. Without you, my world will crash more than it's ever had.
I don't know where I'm going and I don't know where to start. I've been through a lot with strain on my heart.
Here I will make a crazy attempt;
In the eye of the beholder, love is a powerful thing. It sways you left and right. Creates a language unknown. A language that is both verbal and physical.
like the way an entire scarf can be unrecognizable if you pull the right strings like the way a teapot shatters when you drop it like the way a melody is distorted when you add an extra sharp
my little brother is becoming that guy that I dated in high school the one that loved me until the next pretty girl came along the boy that called me beautiful in the same breath he used to
Well you never know who you will meet and when. Lets face it you never know what meeting someone may bring. Let me tell you this girl has learned you never know what will happen when you meet someone.
Wide brown eyes meet green, both pairs filled with tears. Faintly beats my heart, broken, full of pain. I try, but cannot see your hidden fears. You grasp my hand, I listen to the rain.
That day will come someday Not sure of the time or date. Memories come back of that Sunday, And my beating heart slows down its rate.
My tongue will not spill No. I want to give her the world. No! she deserve the world. From my rib that is why He created Girl. She is so dangerous, avoid the eyes. Her voice is like an Angel, so check your pulse for evidence that you are alive.
Apart from me, I am a part of you I am with you, but you were never with me WE, yes we were never one, you were more than half of me But I wasn't nearly that close to you Fear was my pending fate for you
There was a time when the world was beautiful. When my biggest fear was growing up, and getting older, and getting wrinkles. That was the time without worry. Where I didn’t have to look over my shoulder, and wonder. Or even care.
With lips and fingers intertwined, An angels song, I did hear But for a moment, then 'twas gone Leaving clear, sweet echoes in my ear If one wish to me was giv'n Through darkness black as coal,
In his eyes, I see no fear. I sense happiness, But feel the tears. I hear laughter and care free days And watch as they shut to sleep filled with haze.
I’m done with lying and crying and feeling this way Of laying in the dark, knowing that for my sins I will pay Of pretending for you, that I really want this When really it is our friendship that I miss
I'm sick of this conformity; it's no longer the place for me. I'm sick of pretending to be something I'm not, just so you can feel complete. I'm not happy or sad, about where I now stand.
To first climb the ladder, You must step the stairs. One at a time, beware of bears. Don't be interfere. It's just a sign. The anger inside clawing it's mind. Mind if I asked?
Even when you feel weak, to me you are strong To lay next to anyone else and breathe in their air Would feel asphyxiatingly wrong
I often sit and wonder, What I’m going to do with my life, No matter how hard I try, It always ends in strife. What do you love? What do you hate? All I want to do, Is leave it up to fate.
If I never said I love you, could it be taken away? Could the words I want you mean the same? If I never taken them away. I love how you smile and love the way you laugh
You have been hurt too many times before, and I don't want you to cry anymore You have eyes that are to precious to have tears fall from them My mind is made up, I will make you the happiest that you've ever been before
It was the most beautiful, bitter fruit. Though each bite was laced with poison, I could not help but eat for the hope that I also discover the sweetness. Your presence was fascinating.
I have to choose Between yours or mine The happiness That only one can have So I hope you’ll see it, All I’ve done for you. For I’ll trudge through it, So you can flourish.
I have to choose Between yours or mine The happiness That only one can have So I hope you’ll see it, All I’ve done for you. For I’ll trudge through it, So you can flourish.
I fell in love one day The day I broke my heart By her beauty, my eyes drew up But my hope fell from the start
through all the struggle ,and all the pain ,i will keep on dancing through the rain. keep my smile with hidden tears.I will learn to conquer all my fears.
You said you wouldn’t forget me, You said you’d always have time for me. But lately all I hear Is you making excuses. You don’t want to remember me, You don’t want to see me.
A blazon radiates from above Upon the barren, bleak cave Where reminiscent of lost love Reflects within mystic waves.
In a quiet little town I owned a small shop Inside sat a table With a vase perched on top A heart-shaped vase Shades of red and pink so bright It sat in the window Each day and each night
Your beauty is what brightens up my day, but truly its your smile that takes my breath away. I never met someone like you thats so full of joy. Here I stand hoping you will notice this one boy.
Some people say love doesnt exist Others say it is only found between a man and woman if thats true then whats this im feeling for a woman Butterflies in result to that sweet sound i call ur voice
Why not me. Look at them, they seem so happy Hand in Hand, drowning in the endless pools of each other's eye Oceans of euphoria, smiles real big like a child watching fireworks
It is pain? Or is it joy? The story of many, yet unique to us all. The workloads of life, giving us too much to haul, And the joyous of times in good news' call. We must understand that the long suffering is a profit,
Me duele tanto el Corazon Por tanto amar a otra sin que conociera Que en mi mente Solo vive ella y la memoria de su cantar.
I look up to the sky and sun To give me inspiration They tell me that they’re down to none Due to past generations I look for it in every place, Sound, sight, smell, and sensation;
Darkness behind my eyelids Earth experiences the same darkness As the sun’s light is captured by the moon My curtains of flesh rise with the sun As it illuminates my surroundings
An angel from above, I thought you to be. We were yearning for love, Never thought you would leave.
He took her hand and lowered himself to his knees, but the words couldn’t come out. He told himself, “All the practice was for nothing? No way!”
A sweltering sea overtook my nimble and anxious body. The salt had burned my pressed eyes; the waters were deeper and heavier than the hidden
Lonely Notes
When you wake, my fingers won't brush your face again Caressing your masculine jaw line Caressing your full lips that I love to kiss Caressing your perfect shape head that I adore overwhelmingly
I yearn for a forever love A man that aint intimidated by me put me in my place when i aint acting right cause i do be bugging out sometimes
There are three who share this trait That can even beat fate They hid with ugliness But once they know Their true colors as time pass Their beauty will surpass Everyone A broken family they appear
Love is sweet Love is bitter Love means peace Love means struggle. Day by day I think of you Night by bight I wish to see you. My feelings are too overwhelming to bare My life is too precious now
I gave you all the love I had You were the only girl with the power to make me feel so sad. I want to hear you sing to me again But then All the memories rush back to me And the pain attached to them.
We are so much more than what you see in the videos on TV We are so much more than the rocks on our chain Or the chronic smoke that clouds our brain We are so much more than the sagging of our pants
Life is a game of chance like rolling the dice Life is not all fun and games there are things you have to sacrifice You can’t dance your way through situations you have to pay a price I have many things on my plate; as a result I am full of life W
I wanna be alright I’ll learn how to swim but the waters just so deep I’m sinking in no life guards around nobody to be found when I jumped in the river no one could hear the sounds
Life is like climbing a tree, It is very hard. There are many paths you see, always have to keep your guard.
Every time I’m with you, I feel it building up. You know I’d never hurt you, So why not open up?
Upon each wingéd criticism float hollow sadness extending infinite within, devouring seeming core of self eroded, still suspended in earthly bondage.
Feeling a depth of despair inescapable, an entangled mindweb is my dwelling and my tongue tastes of bitter longing.
If I had a choice in the course of my life and if I wasn't affected by emotions like love and fear, I might actually be somewhere and left with some rationality, but I am merely a pawn moved
There was a time I thought there’d be A little thing called you and me And now I try and you don’t care But I can still feel something there You haunt my mind every day You plague my dreams but you won’t stay
Life is precious as we all should know. We are just seeds in the dirt waiting to grow. As time goes by and the good and bad influences from our surroundings shine down on us, making us to sprout into our various ways, we stand.
Roses are red Sunshine is Yellow Look over there And you will see my fellow He is wonderfully smart A genius to boot He's got my heart Without having a lot of loot
I believe love is more than just a word more than just a verb something you just say. love is different, in my mind.
It was early December when I first met him. He was a little timid at first, He hid under the seat until the lights went dim. He was as horrible as a curse. I loved him.
I am a strange stirring in the night, the way you feel when you’ve just awoken from a dream, the tension of your misplaced affection.
If a poem is all I can give you, then a poem is all you will get. If love is all I can supply you with, Then love is all you will recieve. I cannot give you any more, but I surely cannot give you any less
The two strangers my autumn leaves shade. The wind that whistles through my branches shakes The leaves. The sir is filled with crimson parade. Their eyes, they meet. My leaves, they break their stares.
I sleep without rest, Eat without fill, Drink with no satisfaction, I look at the world I have but do not see it as my own, My love, My body, My home, For none are mine,
For many years i did not know if i would ever find true love but then one day i saw a girl with a beautiful glow long flowing blonde hair, as graceful as a dove beautiful brown eyes, looking into mine
Once there was a boy with a heart so big A heart so willing to give, give and give A heart so forgiving and filled with joy A common trait in such a little boy
You walk through the door. The blood from every where in my body rushes to my cheeks making me blush a bright crimson. My feet go numb, and my legs suddenly forget how to move. My arms are like dolls arms just hanging by my sides.
Oh! Trials! Tribulations And terror in losing Love in a race against Anyone who's ever Loved you; I loved You first, as much As I do, at least.
I am a sensitive loving person. I wonder where my passion for life will take me. I hear my destiny calling. I see pain turning into forgiveness. I want the truth to be seen. I am a sensitive loving person.
Why i gotta mess up Why do i trust Why do i care Why am i here Why don't i have nobody Cause i aint worth ish, that's why
That girl which i love Isn't like the other girls that girl make me do dumb stuff that girl
This Poem is my everything. If you can, just listen and let me know what you think!
(poems go here) Ode to happiness and the high it gives you. Suppressing the stress you could no longer bare. Cleaning you up until you’re “as good as new”. It’s like inhaling a breath of the sweet spring air.
Its you that I've been waiting for The one who would sweep me back to shore Why do I fall so easily When the words you used were so cheesy my heart beats fast You were my first and I was hoping my last
nowhere to go, My decisions depend on your emotion, For you i'd give so much devotion. Your hair so soft and smooth, like the quiet calm waves of the ocean. Your eyes so brown and bountiful,
when I watch the patchwork of stars ten thousand galaxies away when I watch you go - orbit away from me as I stay stagnant we are, feelings fall away like dust plummet to the earth
The first time I laid eyes on you Met you for the first time I Knew. It was something about the way you smiled But I hesitated, unsure It couldn’t be, my mind is playing tricks. We’ll be friends.
I thought I knew the road and where it leads; I came upon the fork and felt so sure, Until the trees in shade began to tease; My confidence was shook, I closed the door. My heart is closed and locked, I am afraid;
And there's a reason you shouldn't burn bridges, Cuz sometimes they just can't be rebuilt, and it's a guilt trip every time you try to mend that relationship.
When I read, their tearful words appear to echo in my mind. When I listen softly, Their desperation clings to my soul. When I ponder, Their fate may rest with my words.
Why is dark ink worth more than my red blood? A blood so pure and full of hopeful life. The darkness stabs as a dull ballpoint knife, Until I can no longer hear the thud Of the slowly dying heart from within.
Why is dark ink worth more than my red blood? A blood so pure and full of hopeful life. The darkness stabs as a dull ballpoint knife, Until I can no longer hear the thud Of the slowly dying heart from within.
Everything about college is a process. It can be difficult at times. And even more difficult at other times. The choices and decisions are endless. The thought alone of it can make your head explode.
She walked and enjoyed the moments, He ran and made moments, So when they their eyes meet it was as if fate clicked, Their heart beat as one, Each world stopped to become one.
My heart beats at twice the pace Than the beat my feet take down the staircase And the walk to those exit doors seems like a chase A long awaited race to my fate
I pray for you so hard that my hand's pretend to be my eyes and cry. I have dry palms for eyes, those who dream of paradise.
Who I am It’s hard to describe But something lies in between both eyes A vision to be greater More than me Bigger than the bigger picture More than free Who I am I may never decide
You don’t know what I’m talking about You don’t know what I want You don’t have the ability to read my mind
To him who finds freedom, Beauty, and grace in Dance: she holds him In a warm embrace. She removes All confusion and doubt and fear From his mind and casts it from him. She lightens his darker moods;
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