I Loved Him


United States
35° 31' 11.604" N, 90° 42' 54.99" W

It was early December when I first met him.
He was a little timid at first,
He hid under the seat until the lights went dim.
He was as horrible as a curse.
I loved him.

We knew each other for four short months
Before he died.
It's only been a month
But it feels as if my brain and heart have been fried.
I loved him.

His name was Jaxx.
He was cool and he loved me.
I'm only glad his death wasn't by ax.
He was the best kitty.
I loved him.

He used the litter box.
He snuggled at night.
He had a weird obsession with socks.
I regret not showing him how to fight.
I loved him.

He was killed by wild dogs.
I blame my mother.
I was gone for a jog.
So why bother?
I loved him.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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