Land of the Living


United States
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Life is a game of chance like rolling the dice Life is not all fun and games there are things you have to sacrifice You can’t dance your way through situations you have to pay a price I have many things on my plate; as a result I am full of life When it comes to loving myself I don’t have to think twice I have to be truthful with myself I don’t have to be nice I refused to be put in a box or placed in a category I am here for a purpose which means I get to write my story If I don’t make the right choices my life will steer off course So I contemplate on every decision I make and use the creator as my resource There are many issues I would love to address but I will narrow it down to one We are full of intelligence and common sense but float around acting like we’re dumb Is it because we are too lazy to think for ourselves to research the things that they tell us Or have we just given up on life because we feel that life has failed us So what is it I must do I have to enlighten my people I will do this in a strategic way to make the playing field equal I don’t believe in breaking the mold I believe in making it last In order to have a promising future we have to deal with our past So deal with it and move on don’t let it get the best of you Don’t try to take on everyone’s burdens you can only do what you can do So don’t stress yourself out trying to be a superhero Because when you need help the number of people who comes to help you may be zero So learn as if you will live forever live as if you are going to die tomorrow You never know which day will be your last so the time we are living on is borrowed Life is much too short so please make sure you have some fun They say excuses is like butt holes everybody has one You don’t have to wait once a year to celebrate Thanks Giving Every day you should be thankful you are in the land of the living.


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