In the dark sky
No one hears her cry
There's no one to call
Her tears continue to fall
Her broken heart
Is a work of art

She sways
As the music plays
So soft, so slow
The volume turned down low
One single shot to the head
She lay upon her queen sized bed

A single tear on her cheek, seeps into her skin, so fair
As the love of her life leans over her still body with care
He gazes into her young, dead eyes
He sits with her limp body in his strong arms and cries
He can't believe the horror he sees
The girl he loves, dead. How can this be?
He sees in her pale hand a note
The last words his beautiful love wrote
He looks over her face, her cheeks no longer their rosy pink
Then as he opens the note he reads his name in bold, black ink
He pauses, oh how she loved him so
He reads how he was her one and only, his sadness begins to grow

That sadness turned to anger, she shouldn't die alone
She was the only love he's ever known
The pain inside him is disgustingly tart
He quickly grabs the gun beside her and holds it to his heart
And as his body falls gracefully to the floor
The memory of them fades, but their love for each other will live on forever more


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