Confessions of a Heart

Sun, 05/12/2013 - 20:24 -- lilfems


United States
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Some people say love doesnt exist
Others say it is only found between a man and woman
if thats true then whats this im feeling
for a woman
Butterflies in result to that sweet sound
i call ur voice
passion, trust, a loving touch
with every kiss my heart tries to speak
silenced by my mind
only thinking of your beautiful face

these confessions slowly lingering out
as if they hav been held in for a while
my heart speaks only words of sweet indulgence
a perfect specimen in my eyes
and yet u doubt urself

if this feeling is no more then a glimpse
of what is to come
then i might have fallen sooner then i thought
unable to control this passion i have for u
unable to speak words to help u realize
my heart cries for u as if missing that one piece
and when were together it blushes n feels as if it is human

to tell u that im not in love with u
would be the most dangerous of all lies
for i am truly, deeply, n madly in love
will u understand this deep pleasure i feel for u
only the stars like those in ur eyes
will determine if u truly understand
and as my heart pours out every last drop of feelings
it once held in
this became the confessions of my heart
my soul
my body
and my mind
I love you


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