More concrete, cracked beneath our feet.

Moans of souls long gone oscillate

Between the empty buildings.

Emptiness and viruses, all-consuming inside me. 

The only eggs left inside me are hardly mine. Damn flies.

Unfeeling, just reeling from a hunger, ever growing.

Cold relentlessly taunts us, haunts us, all-knowing.

All I want is one warm body, just one, please.

He can make me feel alive again, ease my pain.

Blood, Brains, Blood, murmur my mutilated family.

The scum, remains of humanity, that we forever be.

Dried blood in our veins, unrelated yet the same.

Wherever we roam, we have yet to find our home.

What does this rotting nose smell?  A garage, covered in mud and slick dead leaves.

Man smell, terrified men inside. I need to be inside, they need to be in me.

I need to feel their lives in me, give me life, I want to shriek!

Tearing, swearing, clawing, gnawing, family and I try to break inside.

Breathing, seething, thriving, writhing, those within tempt us so!

You cannot stay in there forever, lovers, let us feast.



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