Choosing Colleges


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Everything about college is a process.
It can be difficult at times.
And even more difficult at other times.
The choices and decisions are endless.
The thought alone of it can make your head explode.
Then there is also the excitement.
You never know what it will teach you.
You never know what it will show you.
You never know what it will give you.
Then once you find what you only hope you are looking for.
Once you think you have finished all that you can.
You can only hope.
The anticipation of it alone.
And then when you finally hear what you could only have dreamed of.
The excitement.
The joy.
The shock.
The terror.
The amazement.
You are so nervous and happy and scared you might scream.
Its the biggest rollercoaster that you have ever ridden.
Then the realization.
And the seriousness.
And the ultimate confidence.
Your going to COLLEGE!



I wote this poem because this is exactly what happened to me. This is how it was when I applied to college, and got accepted. This is how I felt.

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