Climbing the Rock

You reached for my hand to pull me up

To the very top so I could see

All the mountains and beautiful greenery. 

I had never done a thing so dangerous.


As I looked out over the small mountain town,

Without any safety or climbing gear,

My heart rested a moment from fear.

The world looked so small from up there.


But as clouds predicted, it started to rain.

At first, just a drizzle, then down it came. 

Coming up was only half of the work.

Coming down from the rock was not the same. 


I'd never done such a thing before.

While climbing down I could feel myself shake.

I was stuck where I was and couldn't find the next space.

When I placed my footing I made a mistake. 


I could feel life's ticking clock

As I fell through the air so peacefully.

"How much longer would it be

Before I touched the ground under me?"


1     2     3     4 


Landing on my feet, my knees as springs,

And for reasons, I can't explain why,

After I tumbled and rolled and landed on my back,

I just laid there and looked at the sky.


Like a newborn baby feeling the weight of life,

As anybody in shock would do,

And I couldn't control it to tell you the truth,

I heard a powerful scream come from inside.


But the thought of my friends still up at the top

And of them falling off just like me,

Forced my human instincts to stop

And call up to them, "I'm okay."


"Don't worry about me, take your time!"

I could hear the panic in their reply. 

So after looking up at the sky

I closed my eyes and said:


"Please Lord get them down safetly

And don't let them worry about me. 

And in accordance to the rest of my life,

Let it go the way it should be."


Laying on the ground, not able to move,

I wigggled my toes and cried.

I'm thankful that falling isn't the worst way to die,

Like a life without friends or not saying goodbye.


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