blackness of the sun

They say we only do drugs like we got no ambition,
We take it personal cause deep inside we're on a mission,
But people see only the worst like they got tunnel vision,
They make us look so pathetic as if we got no wisdom,
However if they only saw beyond their superstition,
I think they'll kinda see the light and see our dedication,
Cause where we from its kinda hard given our crude condition,
The way we have to fight so hard just to make a living,
No matter what we're selling.
Although the government's constantly lying,
As if they hope that our dreams will be slowly dying,
But we have learnt that it's best not to be contemplating,
This is our realisation.
We try our best like everyday but get a lot of hating,
And when the world think all the worst like we just celebrating,
Seeing other people succeed yet we are happy for them,
We do not envy nor despise cause we are always hustling,
It seems like every day we are left with confusion,
And day by day we kinda suffocate in this pollution.
It leaves us morbid and unhappy but we never lose hope,
and there are times we are so tempted to be giving up,
But we always look on the bright side and find a way to cope,
Cause one day soon that fog will disappear and we will get a title shot,
So whatever people say we'll never cease to dream,
And yes I make mistakes how else would I survive,
If I do not make mistakes I'll never get to learn,
And I wake everyday with that intent to win,
But constantly I'm judged because I didn't finish my matric,
As if I didn't earn the privilege of having a voice to speak,
Oh yes I've fallen but I've learnt to get back up again,
And day by day I have to stare into this reflection of pain,
Because of my lack of education,
Or perhaps it's because I'm human.

This poem is about: 
My country


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