The Kiss


Dim lights, romantic music,

Blue-purple poufy dress,

Black tuxedo matching purple vest.

“Pretend like you like me, for once,” I jokingly insist.

A blinding flash,


A moment captured as another passes.

We’re on the dance floor now,

Lights dim further.

It’s a slow dance.

A scene out of the My Best Friend's Wedding.

My clammy hands rested on her waist,

Her arms cradle my neck like a wedding day bouquet. 

Time nearly stops, and life melts around us

I question myself,

Should I go for it?

Hazel eyes, bright warm smile, long flowing blonde hair,

The chemistry is there.

I lean in.

Our lips an inch away.


A finger appears between our breaths.

It all fizzles and melts away.

I’m brought back.

This time the professor mixes the contents,

Then, pours.

A volumetric flask erupts.

Foamy purple goo overflows,

Suddenly I’m there again.

Walking in, hands intertwined.

Purple-blue poufy dress, black tux, matching vest,

“Let’s go get our picture taken,” she says.

It burns in my mind.


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