Who Am I?

Who I am
It’s hard to describe
But something lies in between both eyes
A vision to be greater
More than me
Bigger than the bigger picture
More than free
Who I am
I may never decide
It is not a question to be answered
It is something to hide
Guilt surrounds
For I am not like the rest
I cannot feel a reason to try
Who I am
Who I am
It is not a sentence
Not a sense of presence
Emotionless motion
But an emotional commotion
Who I am
What does that mean
Apologies if I do not answer with speed
It is not easy to speak
But don’t worry…
It’ll come to me
Who I am
Life will explain
Maybe not me
Gaining more insight of what I’m not
More time for some epiphany
But I will be patient
I’m willing to wait
For who I am
Who I am
Who I am

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