Broken Glass

Nothing I do can make me forget you, Everyday is your smile on my mind and your touch on my cheek, your eyes on mine as if we look away we'll go blind. Laying on your chest, hearing your heart beat, counting your breaths, moving my fingers across your chest, feeling your warm lips on my forehead feeling your eyes on me as I daydream of our future.

      Laying next to you in this bed feels so right. Stars in the sky don't feel as perfect as your arms wrapped around me, your warm breath on my neck. Your nerves moving your limbs, holding me tighter... feeling your body waking up as you open your eyes and catch me staring at you, a smile appears on your face like the sun rising over the mountains. The moments when we love more, without saying a word... our eyes say it all.

    But things can't always stay that way... somewhere we got off track. A train with no brakes. Distance broke us... we always said we could do against the world... but today we let the world win. We gave up on a good thing, instead of holding on to love we drifted and became a part of the world hat doubted us. A world that threw bricks at the safely glass we held up for more than a year... Somebody let go of the wheel that was steering us straight.

     Now laying in this bed doesn't feel the same... like being on push pins. Your touch is never going to be the same...Your breaths come in differently counting isn't the same, Morning kisses go away ....Glass hearts are shattered around me.. broken pieces that can't be picked up.. I sit in midst of these reflective pieces wondering how to make them go back together... the world I once lived in with bright colors and safety glass ...that once made my life seem like heaven turned into a place to cry and mourn, dark colors paint my walls that once were yellows and pinks are now black and red and our names are etched into broken pieces of glass across the room we once slept in.





























































































Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. 

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