I got a date with Destiny
At Hollywood Boulevard I studied it like Anatomy
And I know almost everyone has given up on me but
I need redemption no need to mention my past
Especially how after we're 18 you'll be the one who finishes last
You say my flow sucks, my friend's, so that means yours and the rest
You are stinging me like a hornet disrupted in his nest

An oxymoron since I never did a single thing to you
You take my emotions and hate them but you never knew
My past
But all of you get it so easy
And I don't understand why you're obsessed with all of that "Blunt Blowin'" Weezy

I'm the best there was, best there is and best there ever will be
Everyline I put into my rhymes I say it with sincerity
But I can feel it and I know it's coming
And I don't even care what anybody says

Cause inside I know I'm greatness
You don't know what a good grade is
I'll be under Hollywood lights
While you're in the prison yard fights
During a really long night
Predicted sentence
25 to life

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever make it
But there's only one way I will know
I'm like a seed planted in the dirt
Feels like I've been waiting forever to grow

And maybe today is the day
And maybe tonight is the night
But one thing that I know for sure
This time I will get it right

Cause you know I'm gonna use all might to get to the top
Shout out to Logic for being my atmosphere
I'm a rocket ship going past and that's my task
And once I'm with the stars in space you can say it was a blast



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