Flipped fate

For the misfourtuane
Of the fortunate
Is that they live
Within their shell of a life

And the foutuane
Of the misfourtunate
Is that they live
Like it will be
The last day
Of their life

The curse of the blessed
Is that they suffer
From no stress

But the blessing
From the curse
Is that their
Suffering is not
Prolonged on earth

The wise are fools
In that they think
To much

And the fools are wise
In that they
Follow and go
With their gut

The humble are courageous
For they go to battle
Everyday against those
Who think ill

And the courageous are humble
For they lay down their lives
For the sake of others

And the fate twists like a knot
And the rope twists like fate
As the two sides are flipped
Together showing acting the same

This poem is about: 
Our world



Wow. This is so awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

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