The Broken Boy

Thank you for trying to save me.

Thank you for trying to make me love myself,

but as you can clearly see,

I am beyond saving.

I have lived my entire life feeling worthless.

I have realised only heartbreak and distrust.

There is no resurrection of my happiness

after the crucifixion of your attempts.

There is only the death of your efforts

and the rebirth of my despair.

I have known for a long time that some people can never be fixed,

but only recently have I realised that some people shouldn't be fixed.

Why would you try and take away what someone thinks of themselves

just because it doesn't line up with what you think of them?

Why do you constantly bombard me with questions of how I'm feeling 

when you know the answer is always the same.

Now, I'm not saying it deosn't hurt to try,

I'm just saying, there comes a point when you should accept the inevitable:

Some people should not be fixed.

Some people can not be fixed.

Some people don't know how to be fixed.

But I will not stop you from trying.

 I will simply stand by and watch you fail.

I will admire the smile on your face as you try to get rid of the frown on mine.

I will fake a laugh and refuse to tell you how broken I am,

but I will never forget to tell you

Thank you for trying to save me.


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