Always time for lovers

Only 21:00

Dressed to kill, we arrive

shots clink under a disco ball

I sparkle, silhouette sublime


Only 22:00

Too early in the night to give up

The club is empty of good talk

But then I see your smoky makeup


Only 23:00

We’ve been talking for a while

With our eyes from across the room

Our drunken audience beguiled


Only midnight now

music blaring, drinks are flowin’

the look on your face

draws me closer, gets me going 


Only 1:00

Just reached the witching hour

Our bodies have wandered closer

Lips wet with whiskey sour


Only 2:00

Your hand rests on my wrist

Drawing lazy circular patterns

You hardly have to insist


Only 3:00

I finally get you home

Yours or mine doesn’t matter

As long as curtains draw closed


Only 4:00

We lie peaceful on the sheets

Worked up a sweat with hearty exercise

But too lazy to get up to eat


Only 5:00

I make you breakfast in bed

You’re waking to head back onto the road

No leaving without being fed


Only 6:00

We part once more

Two lovers burning bright

To repeat the cycle evermore

Under starlit nights



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