Maestro Des Brises

For the lost souls and the misguided in life 

Let me shelter you from strife

Let me shepherd you to new light 

Take up your own path and leave me 

For you have found the righteous and just


For the broken minds and misunderstood 

Allow me to nurture you 

Allow me to tend your unseen wounds 

Spread your wings once more 

Take flight when your cracks mend 


For the downtrodden and forgotten 

Ease into my embrace 

Rest yourself in my enrapturing warmth 

Arise and strides forward once again 

Show kindness as I have onto you 


For shattered hearts 

Tu es belle et charmante

Tu es ma joie de vivre 

Lift yourself into new love 

Do not leap and fall for it 


For the ever unforgiving society 

Show your fellow man compassion 

Show the world the light you want reflected onto you

Too long have others been oppressed under you

Too long I have had to absolve you of your sins 


For the maestro of the broken 

Continue composing your symphony 

Continue on your dreaded track 

Those you have been shepherd to

Shall act as your orchestra 

And take part in sharing your masterpiece


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world



I wrote this poem while I was going a rough time, trying to figure out who I am and what the path I wanted for myself. Along the way I have made and lost so many relationships, ultimately I figured out who I am and why I was put on this world. While reading through this poem don't try so hard to understand every word and phrase, rather try and find yourself within the lines.

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