A Take on Fate


United States
the cold damp grass bends beneath my weight
The night sky casts a white shadow on my fate
looming like dramatic irony I remain unaware
the stars eye on me i still think that life is fair
how foolishly I trod forward
what ghoulishly unpleasant finding I march toward
I see something in the sea of green
I start running to what I’ve seen
i was ignorant 
the predator dormant
as I approached I saw a line of dark looming trees lay before me
I shuffled through the barken gates welcoming me to my fate
 I came upon my reflection drawn
on the surface of a mirror
inquiring further I drew nearer
where I saw myself in the silver glass sneer and then ask
“if you want to listen” then the silver glistened. “then you must ask but make it fast”
lifting his arm then his finger he pointed at me and let it linger
frightened my chest tightened as I asked how it was I might end
he laughed and sneered then said your death draws near like the hunter to a deer
he cackled as I tackled this philosophical answer baffled
but I noticed his finger wasn’t aimed at me it was a thing behind amidst the trees
my head snapped back and a man attacked, but just before everything went black,
I saw a man standing tall who resembled me and caused my fall with stumbling. 
This poem is about: 
Our world



nice poem. can you explain your motivation for it?


I was deciding not to go to college and I was hearing all my families thoughts and worries and I knew it was the right decision but I was scared the decision I had chosen would cause me to lead myself into disaster. 



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