Questions of Fate


Is it my fate to move forward amongst my peers? Is it too lateare my fortunes beyond the seers? Do I step into the heights to gain hope and grandeur? Do I veer back into the night to a silent allure? Am I to become a winner who has nothing to lose? Am I going to be a dreamer who needs to pick and choose? The day will come where I will have to answer all these questions? ‘til I reach over there these queries will never have a conclusion? Is it my fate to watch my peers step into the sun? Is it to late to pay piper when I was always on the run? Should I chase their shadows and a dream that would never be? Should I take pace towards my true potential with pride and glee? The day will come where I will answer all these questions Time will tell if they are the truth or mere delusions ‘til it tolls marking that date ‘til it unfolds I have to await my fate


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