The Users


United States
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There are three who share this trait
That can even beat fate
They hid with ugliness
But once they know
Their true colors as time pass
Their beauty will surpass
A broken family they appear
But inside it won't disappear
Each of them different but yet the same
They all play the game
They are marveled
And wanted
Only from a distance
No one dare goes near
But one
With only a little fear
I dare go near
I want to know
Why are they
That way
I question
The child
Who appears a dove out of crows
But is actually a crow herself
For she is the master
With a poker face
And a sweet smile
She just looks like
A little child
She replies
With no lies
We are the users
Born and raised
To be praised
We use
They don't know
So they cant refuse
We steal, lie, and cheat
We are a team that doesn't
Face defeat
We use only those
Who need to b used
For we light their fuse
To others we are creatures
With pure ambitions
You take away our masks
You get a monster
With cruel intentions
We take the innocent
And turn them into crazy
They wont remember a
Time before
It will become hazy
When we are done
We give them back to where they belong
But they will never be the same
Cause that's what we do
We tame
Them to us
We take the sane
And make them insane
In our own twisted way
We use each other every day
But once someone tells
The law will
Shake its head
And yell
Behind bars we go
Two down
One to go
She stops
So does my pen
I look up and
She is staring into my eyes
Scorching blue eyes
Then she whispers
We aren't the borrowers
We are the users
She smirkes stratified
I stare back
Quickly drinking in my fear
I ask the question
Do you live this lie
I wait
She won't commumicate
For she is done
She closes her eyes
To stop the tears
For they show fear
She quietly stands up
And walks away
For tomorrow
For that day
The users wont come out
And play


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