Nothing more, nothing less

My name among other things pronounced at his lips' release

A petrified shiver down my spine

We are nothing more than strangers who

By a wicked twist of fate are bound by blood

My daughter!

Nothing more, nothing less

A title of which many swear

They wished they held

But of which I see as

A term used by a hypocrite!

He uses me to gain favor

In others’ eyes

I’m his pride and joy—

Down the street

But in the car, at home—

I’m a stranger who

By a wicked twist of fate is bound by blood


Nothing more, nothing less

A term I both yearn for and


I thought it meant: trustworthy, dependable, and loving

Yet my reality transforms it into: deceitful, scarce, careless

But what else could you expect from

Two strangers

Who, by a wicked twist of fate, are bound by blood—

Nothing more. Nothing less.

This poem is about: 
My family


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

anybody can be a daddy

it takes a special person to be a father

it's sad to hear this story

use this poem as a motivation to inspire who is going through similar situation as yours

great job


Thank you. It means a lot to me when someone is able to feel and understand my poems.


Incredible presentation. I can feel that this came from an honest place.

Apop Tosis

very strong poem! Very relatablefor me i have a similar one one here you should check out:).


I'm sorry.

There are people who do not make good parents.

But that doesn't mean they're bad people.

Maybe you should know him, as a person.

Maybe he's different than you think.

Fate is cryptic, but not wicked.

She always has her reasons.


I used to think like this about my own Dad, because it had always felt like a one sided relationship. But thank God nothing between him and I have broken throughout the years, and now I can actually have a real relationship with him and he can be my Father. This is beautiful and very post.


This poem means so much to me. Not only is it beautiful and intense I relate to it. My father and I don't live together anymore and that was my choice, but I really miss what kind of father he should have been. The kind of guy that I wouldn't have wanted to leave. I think it's hard for kids to understand that your parents don't deserve your love and respect just because they are your parents- they have to earn that love every day of your life.

Destiny S.

this poem is really nice. it speaks to me. A father who is present but so distant at the same time I truly get it and know that you're not alone. :) Thank you for this. Peace.

The Waking Hour

this poem really hits it home. excellent execution and use of words


This is my favorite poem on this site!

Slim Sprizzle

I can completely relate, and although he sucks you have hopefully found enough confidence

in yourself to stand.

Jan Wienen

The difference between a daddy and a father. Only the children know for sure ...


This is amazing. I hung on every word.

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