1, 2, 3 All Eyes On Me:

1, 2, 3 All Eyes On Me: is what our teacher used to say, to keep the childrens eyes on her any time off the day, are adolescent minds are so easy to sway, so here we are and here we must stay.

Skip forward to our teens when we are eager to please, we need the attention to put our minds at ease. We will do anything to be so hip and so cool, the leader, big dog, we run this school.

So be just like the rest, indulge in all these drugs, noone really knows you so all you recieve is some shrugs, but everyone must know my name i have sooooo many friends, but then you start to realize your a means to an end.

Now you cant resist temptation youll take anything on a whim, you try and drown your demons but they know how to swim. They get into your ear and whispers seem to shout all into your head, well if your not important now.. Your better off dead.

Your much older now, geez your hopless a drug addict a slob, but now i realize something, i know what will do the job! I couldnt be what i was before i need to be something else something much more! Quick, down a bottle of alcohol 1-5-10 pills, this plan will work im getting excited, im getting some thrills.

But then, the chills.. My breathing has worsened my vision is blurry, they rush to my side, why in so much of a hurry? 'Call an ambulance!' Someone says, No! Dont you dare! Now in my last few fleeting moments, you all start to care?

I start to lose consciousness all i wanted was is attention, is this what it takes to releive all this tension? In the beginning i wanted friends and family to notice me be something great, is this how easily someone can end their own fate? Before i take my final breath at least now all of you can truly see, this is all that i was the only thing i could every be..... 1, 2, 3.... (All eyes on me).

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



This is the first peom ive ever wrote so any criticism is welcomed. Its inspired by my own life experiences up to a point, and how some communities are

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