Untitled 10/14/17

and when your tears

hit the pillow

and dried,

i noticed that your eyes

would be as clear

as the day we met

to the day we died


your hand felt soft in mine

still silk, as if it those endless

days of labor

never once wore your stride

and your lips

were still a rose red

the color of red i felt

through my whole body as i kissed you

in the parking lot, when we

should of been in class

all those years ago


oh dear, please do not cry

for both of us

i assure you

that we'll live on even through faiths end

whispering old secrets

from the memories we loved together


my dream, as you lay in this

stainless white bed

and enter into the infinite

is for your soul to continue


in rhythm with your humming tune


oh, my world, please forgive me

for being selfish and wishing you'd stay,

just for one more moment,


because i love you

i must ask

if something is a bit chilly,

and i do know

it's not me.

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Our world
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