My Crying Heart

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 11:56 -- LadyM


United States
44° 58' 7.518" N, 93° 2' 54.942" W

A decade is a long time; it could not be made up for the past time.
Depression is walking through my mind, and it makes me go blind.
My crying heart is not healed; it still suffers from its open sealed.
I tell myself it is going to be okay, and i put a mask on to go with the day.
Stress in eating my by the minute, so I need to overcome to win it.
It's hard to describe how I feel right now
I want to explain it but I don't know how
My heart was crying for you, but you never came to my rescue.
Now you show up like nothing ever happened, don’t be surprise when I start snappin
The tears of a child meant nothing, and now the tears of a grown up meant something
Making me say the word mom is dangerous like trying to set off a bomb.
This poetry was to mend my crying heart, but now you just torn it apart.


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