Heart Torn Arrangement

She was the most beautiful thing in the room 

He gazed upon her radiance in awe of her,

Her eyes soon met his and he was engulfed by her warmth 

For in her eyes he saw galaxies 

Worlds unseen and alluring,

Within his eyes she saw the ocean 

Forever charming and mysterious 


She sauntered towards the man 

He steadied himself as his heart called out to her

She drew closer to him and felt a fire within 

He took her in and to the ballad they danced 

She looked upon him in bewilderment 

As he admired in awe of her 


The world faded all around them

They had fallen for one another 

As She began to lean into him

He allowed her to rest herself upon him 

She then realized all she had done 


He held her and never felt so enraptured by something  

She fed him stories poisoned filled with deceit, 

He made them his dreams for their future 

She grew more bored of her plaything 


He was so enamored by her that he did not see,

Her light dimmed with glowing disinterest for him 

His heart heard no reply from hers 


He fell so in love with her,

She tore his heart from him 


This story is a tragedy all too true 

And one that isn’t new 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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