The Staircase

Mon, 03/11/2013 - 01:01 -- avantha


United States
40° 40' 35.04" N, 73° 48' 44.9928" W

My heart beats at twice the pace
Than the beat my feet take down the staircase
And the walk to those exit doors seems like a chase
A long awaited race to my fate

And my palms sweat, my eyes focus
Yet everything I fail to notice
And I know the rules, but I just must open
The fate in my hand, the letter that's golden

And in these short, sweet moments down those flight of stairs
I don't quiet know what it will say,
But I know I'll read it fast and quick anyway
My future in a simple yay or nay

And in this staircase, I walk with my peers
Soon to be met with cries and cheers
With blue gowns and diverging paths so near
All because of the letters we opened right here

And in this staircase, we don't get along
Perhaps these letters lead us to where we belong
Or maybe one day lead us to smoking a bong
Perchance end up drunk singing drinking songs

But as I walk, my body follows these motions:
Hold it firm, now rip it open
Read the letter, steal the moment
And scream with joy because you were chosen

And for a moment, the staircase becomes a time capsule
I see my future, looking so sweet like an apple
Of course, I probably won't become an actor,
Or a musician, or a director, or anything for that matter

But to know that my path is set so clear,
And to know that my former fears,
Will not compare remotely to what will appear
And not compare to these new places, much less austere

To know that in the next coming years,
I'll learn to love the pain, and smile through tears
And learn to make mistakes and be able to veer
To know this makes me want to try

And here I am, on the very last steps of the staircase
Too ready to say goodbye to this place
Completely ready to embrace
Trying again


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