Why Do IWrite


United States
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I write to create a realistic image in your subconscious mind
To create a way to express my thoughts, leaving mouth from my entering mind
My poetry is more than just the similes and rhymes
But my poetry is where I depict my life and my time
My words flow like a river on every page
Giving me a release of emotions I feel during my days
I write
I write to convey the fantasies that my heart and mind desires
I write to become honest with myself and others
I write to understand what it is I truly need
I write to fill the void that others tend to leave
I write
I write so that others can understand me
I write to inspire you to be who you can be
I write to let out all the pain that is inside
I write so you understand the tears that fall from my eyes
I write
Understand me not
But understand that I choose not to lean to my own understanding
Because this is a gift that you have to be careful handling
God gave me this ability, So I’ll continue to write
And with every poem I create, is a battle I choose to fight
My word are used to encourage others for a brighter day for tomorrow
I write to be a weapon used to take away all of the world’s sorrows
Lets my word be inspiration to action
I write because this is my passion
I write.


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