Tallied Days


7...8...9... It's been 9 days since your hand slipped through my finger tips. 9 days since I've last felt the bliss of your warm embrace. 9 days of thinking of time edged in moments that we solemnly spent together. 9 days of hoping of a brighter future with you right there by my side.

Soon those 9 days will become 99, yet my heart will wait. It will wait anxiously on the day of your return to see your uplifting smile. It will wait to press my lips upon those I use to call home oh so not long ago. It will wait to finally have the woman again I desire to be my one and only forever.

Yet the heart that waits belongs to a man who can't be moved. A man who can't be tempted by sirens who lustfully call his name. A man who can't ever absolve the feelings of a love far away. A man who can't be stopped even by unrelenting forces to gaze upon her again. A man who can't see the end of a invisible war, but fights as her solider.

10...11...12... Who yet knows the date of reunion for the two yearning for each other's company. The day will come when sour and sweet blend the buds of their tongues to form a forgotten taste. The day will come when wounds turn into faded scars only to be forgotten in their awaited entanglement. The day will come when the only beautiful measurement of their love is the distance between Heaven and Earth. The day will come when God graces them for their efforts and rewards them with sealing vows at an altar. Though Love forms the spectrum of all emotions, honing it can only bear fruit to something more spectacular than anything this world has to compare.



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