the land of smiles

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 03:06 -- marec

life and all its colorful catastrophes

i walk head down searching for a penny for my entity

i walk head up searching salvation for my soul


a sudden crash

loud and clashing

people running


a car and a motorbike 

a granny inside the car

and a teenage boy on the bike


i head on

then i stopped

a crowded corner

a buddha stupa

venerated by its believers

i pay my respect and head on


lost in my own thinking

suddenly a Thai lady and her farang guy 

hands entwined

happy and in love


lost again in my own thinking

just walking to--- somewhere

hmm i really don't know where


where am i anyway?

i am here in this land

a land of possibilities


yes, indeed

i am in a foreign land

lost and yet coping...


in love and at times burning...

it is life...wherever...

life is, what is within every individual...

any where in the world...


but there will always be no place like home...

but home can be any where...

better said as... there is no place like...

wherever the people you love are...that is home.


this is life and its catastrophes

hard and sad

but in the core of every individual 

is a happy soul...

sometimes merely frustrated by life's difficulties

yet, hence onward...always believing and always hoping.


in a better tomorrow 

in a better time

in a better road.


whatever is ahead

with smiles or frowns

let's deal with everything...


like how thais cope up with life

no matter what happens

mai pen rai!



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