Imagine living with a family of disorders,

darkness riding upon corners.

Imagine living with an anorexic sister, autistic brother,

with an obnoxious dad, and oblivious mother.


Imagine living wishing you weren’t, 

wanting to die, but knew you couldn’t.

Imagine your life revolved around death,

wanting nothing more than the absence of breath.


Imagine living in the presence fear,

your future beholding an inevitable unclear.

Imagine containing an infinite thought,

thinking you're the gender in which you’re not.


Imagine living in the mind of a criminal,

never to be anything, but clinical.

Imagine to be scientifically detached; unemotional,

worshiping sin, you were devotional.


Imagine living as a product of rape,

because of you, your mother cannot escape.

Imagine living in endless remembrance, 

Having to raise her proof of evidence.


Imagine living the life of poverty ,

never experiencing life's good qualities.

Imagine living in a box on the street,

digging in trash cans for something to eat.


Imagine living in shoes other than your own,

you’d be surprised how much time one spends alone.

Imagine the stories which people are battling,

and do your best, to love life, and stop imagining.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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